Mission & Vision

The office for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Global Education (DEIG) is primarily tasked with supporting the school in achieving the strategic design goal of “ensuring that the student body, faculty, and staff of BB&N accurately reflects our diverse communities and that all members of our school feel safe and supported to bring their authentic selves to school each and every day.”

Our vision of a just community of belonging is rooted in the complexity of our identities and experiences. We strive to embrace multiple perspectives and to practice cultural humility, the belief that one ethnocentric worldview is not inherently better than the multitude of viewpoints that make up our interconnected community.

We acknowledge that historically, independent schools were not built as inclusive institutions. They provided opportunities to members of the community with privileged identities while denying people of historically marginalized identities. Therefore, we are tasked with dismantling the traditions that reify systems that create inequity.

BB&N’s commitment to DEIG and connections to our local and global communities enhance opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to affirm their identities, broaden their understanding, and practice principled engagement.

For the academic year 2021-2022, the DEIG office will be leveraging student voice to strengthen community connections.