Senior Spring Project

During the third trimester of the Grade 12 year, each senior at BB&N is given the opportunity and responsibility to choose his or her own course of studies and activities. Each senior is accountable for 40 hours per week of approved and supervised pursuits both on- and off-campus. Students, with the help of faculty mentors, may choose from a wide variety of the school’s academic, artistic, athletic, and extracurricular offerings. In addition to special mini-courses and independent studies offered by faculty, students are encouraged to work with individual teachers to design their own eight-week courses.

Many seniors also participate in off-campus internships and community service placements at sites ranging from hospital research labs to an auto mechanic’s garage, and from an investment banking firm to the District Attorney’s office.

Senior Spring Project provides students the chance to take responsibility for themselves, use their skills, or try something new, while still under supervision of the BB&N faculty. We hope that students will gain a deeper appreciation of their own talents and an increased sense of the importance of working with and learning from others.