Semester-Away Programs

BB&N is proud to offer a robust Semester-Away Program for students in Grades 10 and 11. This program offers a unique opportunity for independent and adventurous students to live and study away from home while exploring topics in which they are interested.

Listed below are the schools with which BB&N partners. Rigorous academics coupled with experiential learning opportunities are hallmarks of each of these schools, although the focus and location of the schools vary. BB&N works with each school to align academic and extracurricular programs to create smooth transitions between schools. We aim to ensure that students who spend a semester away are given all of the same opportunities as their peers at BB&N.

Please contact Scott Tang, Semester-Away Program Coordinator (, for more information about these programs, with questions about the application process, or with questions about how the academic programs at these semester-away opportunities align with the curriculum at BB&N.