Director's Welcome

Greetings! We are thrilled that you are exploring the BB&N website and are considering joining the Upper School community.

BB&N’s Upper School is a welcoming, vibrant, and diverse place. Our curriculum is both broad and deep, ensuring that our students develop the core skills needed to succeed in their ongoing educational journey and beyond. Our extraordinary faculty engage students in the dynamic process of learning, helping them to discover their passions and expand their horizons. Our students come from over 90 communities in Eastern Massachusetts, and they bring with them a wide range of backgrounds, histories, and beliefs. Situated on the Charles River, just minutes from the cultural and academic offerings of Cambridge and Boston, the Upper School is enhanced by the communities that surround us, as well as the real-world connections our students, staff, and faculty are able to make with the learning that happens in our classrooms, fields, and studios.

Our job as a school community is to bring students together, teach within and across differences, and foster a community where students can show up and be valued as their authentic selves. In doing so, we strive to give students the tools they need to be changemakers in our ever-evolving world. As our Head of School, Dr. Jennifer Price, says, “Our education can and should have a transformative impact.” Are you ready to dive into an education that will transform you and your world? Then this is the right place!

Thank you for your interest in BB&N. We are eager to have you visit campus and see for yourself what makes this place so special.


Jessica Keimowitz