College Counseling

BB&N's College Counseling Office has created three new resource web pages for the most up-to-date information during the current Covid-19 outbreak. Click here to access those pages.

The key to successful college selection rests on good communication among the four parties involved: the student, the parent(s), the counselor, and the college(s). This process can be an exciting journey as you discover the educational opportunities that are available to you. We consider it an honor to be part of your planning.

Here at BB&N, we aim to minimize the uncertainty that can surround the college selection process. Our approach is described in detail in our College Counseling Handbook: see the menu at left to visit the page where you can download the PDF of the handbook, or selected chapters. The information is organized in a manner that will take you through all components of the “college admission journey.”

It is significant that our office is called the College Counseling Office, not the College Placement Office, as we work with students to help them find colleges that match their interests and goals. While further education is important, it is important to remember that the end point of a high school experience is not simply “getting into a good college.” The college selection process in which you are about to embark is only one step along your life path, and the College Counseling staff is privileged to offer guidance every step of the way.

Students are assigned a college counselor midway through their junior year. For the next 15 months, the college counselor works with each student individually to explore post-BB&N options, prepare for the college application and admission process, understand financial aid and loan options, and make enrollment decisions.

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