Clubs & Organizations

Upper School students enjoy a wide variety of opportunities to connect with like-minded others in our student clubs and organizations. Students can get involved in clubs linked to academics (such as Math Club or Latin Club), the arts (such as Voices of the Knight or Knightingales a capella singing groups), global issues (such as Asian Cultural Society or Model U.N.), helping the community (such as a host of community service and environmental initiatives), and other topics. Students can run for student government, and/or write for The Spectator (arts and literature), Perspective (yearbook), or The Vanguard, our award-winning student newspaper. If students identify a new club idea, they are welcome to start one.

In virtually every area of student life at BB&N, the School encourages self-reliance, knowledge of oneself and a capacity for leadership.

Clubs & Activities

Many extracurricular programs are available at BB&N. Some demand a substantial commitment of time; some are single events. All give students the opportunity to learn new skills, follow special interests, and meet students from other grades. These activities also give students and faculty the chance to cooperate on a unique basis. Activities are not required, but we encourage all students to participate.

These clubs/activities include:

Animal Rights Club
Arabic Club
Automative Enthusiast Club
Best Buddies
Bridge Club
Chess Club
Community Service Club
Computer Science Club
Endangered Species Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Fighting Hunger Club
French Club
Helping Heroes
Innovation Club
Investment Club
Jewish Cultural Club
Knightingales (boys’ a capella singing group)
Knightly News
Latin Club
Latin Dance Club
Liberty in North Korea
The Mathazine/Math Club
Math Team
Model U.N.
Model Rocketry
The Mouthguard
Multicultural Students’ Alliance
Music for Change
Perspective (yearbook)
Philosophy Club
Play for Change
Point of View (political opinion magazine)
Protect Our Breasts
Resonance, BB&N's Slam Team
Robotics Club
Russian Club
Rwandan Connection Club
S.H.A.D.E.S. (Students Honoring and Accepting Differences and Embracing Similarities)
South Asian Students Alliance
Spanish Club
The Spectator (art and literary magazine)
Speech and Debate Club
Student Tour Guides
The Surf Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club
The Vanguard (School newspaper)
Voices of the Knight (girls’ a capella singing group)
Writers' Group
Young Democrats


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