Director's Welcome


We are delighted that you are exploring our website. The middle school years are foundational to a student’s academic, social, physical, and emotional growth, and at BB&N we have created a program specifically designed for this age group. Nestled in an old Victorian house on a residential street in Cambridge, our middle school offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum that supports the individual growth of our students. 

Our students have their own campus and our dedicated teachers care about the unique needs of this age group.  Young adolescents are searching for personal meaning in their lives and learning how to understand the complex, diverse world around them. They need opportunities to explore as they discover who they are, what they stand for, and how they can begin to contribute to a just and equitable world.  

We are a Community deeply committed to kindness and inclusion. Together we aspire to create a nurturing place for all of us to be real, and to bring our whole selves to school each day. Our Advisory Program is at the core of this work; we meet in small groups and individually, creating a supportive environment for students to grow and challenge themselves academically and personally. 

To the students out there considering BB&N:

  • We will encourage you to find your voice
  • We will invite you to take risks
  • We will engage you in creating Community  
  • You will value each other’s stories
  • Hopefully you will make some mistakes--learn from those mistakes, and you will be OK

It’s a process. Achieving personal bests and developing strengths create pride and success; self advocacy and skill building are important as the students move on to the increasing challenges of the Upper School. 

The potential is enormous, right here, and ready to happen! We are eager to meet your family and welcome you to BB&N.


Mary Dolbear