Director's Welcome

Welcome, families interested in BB&N Middle School.

We are delighted that you are exploring our website. The middle school years are crucial to a students’ academic, social, physical, and emotional growth, and at BB&N, we have created a program specifically designed for this age group. Nestled in an old Victorian house on a residential street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, our Middle School is a nurturing community with an engaging and developmentally appropriate curriculum; our dedicated and caring teachers are trained for working with the unique needs of this age group.

Young adolescents are searching for personal meaning in their lives. They need opportunities to explore as they try to figure out who they are and what they stand for. Our Advisory Program is at the core of the middle school experience. Each of our students has an advisor and meets regularly in small groups, but in addition, we also run an ever-evolving faculty-driven curriculum through our Advisory Program with overarching themes of respect, responsibility, and community, to name a few. The strength of this program creates a supportive environment for students to challenge themselves both personally and academically.

A lot happens in two years and our program begins to develop the student’s sense of identity. Achieving personal bests and developing strengths create pride and success; self-advocacy and skill building are important as the students move on to the increasing challenges of the Upper School. Building connections is integral to a student’s development and through the various programs highlighted on this website, we feed that sense of connection. Yet, words and photos can only capture so much. Please come and visit our Sparks Street campus and see us in action. We look forward to welcoming you and don’t hesitate to contact us you if you have any questions.


Mary Dolbear

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