Clubs & Organizations

Middle School students have opportunities to join clubs and organizations that focus on the arts, community service, multicultural awareness, and other interests. Participation in clubs is a great way to get to know others with common interests, develop leadership skills, help the community, or just have a good time doing something you enjoy. We encourage self-reliance, knowledge of oneself, and a capacity for leadership.

Student Leadership

Students are given a voice in the Middle School through Leadership Council. Each homeroom elects one representative to serve on the Council to work on student-centered issues such as Spirit Week, Middle School Dances, and snack choices. Because students are taking more initiative in the life of the school, they are expected to take on more responsibility as leaders of the school. Outside of Leadership Council students are able to express leadership in group projects and clubs.

Clubs & Activities

There are many club offerings at the Middle School, and many students find one or more of interest. The club options vary from year to year and are formed by student interest. All give students the opportunity to learn new skills and follow special interests. Activities are not required, but we encourage all students to participate.

Currently students may opt to join the following clubs and activities: