ASAP Classes

The After School Activities Program (ASAP) consists of more structured activities for any students in grades K-6 who wish to participate. This program may include chess, sports , martial arts , dance, homework help and more.. These classes typically meet immediately following school dismissal until 4:15 PM (3:15 PM on Wednesdays). Younger students will meet their instructors on the field. Older students will walk independently to their classes. ASAP classes also include 30 minute private lessons from accomplished instructors in their fields. Students will meet on the field and attend aftercare until their timeslot. All pick up is on the Beginner's Playground. ASAP is offered on a per semester basis. Each semester coincides with the halfway point of the BB&N academic calendar. Families may choose to extend their child's day at BB&N by attending the After Care Program after the completion of each ASAP class.

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Spring 2022 ASAP Class Offerings


Chess League
Grades 2-5 

Chess League classes are offered to our more dedicated students who have an interest in preparing for competition. Although the classes are offered to all dedicated students, it is anticipated that a smaller subset of the class will be interested in the actual competitions. As a result, this class is geared toward assisting these students in preparation for competition. 

Tae Kwon Do Jrs
Grades K-1 

Tae Kwon Do Srs
Grades 2-5 

At C.W. Taekwondo, Ms. Amy uses the lessons of Taekwondo to help teach your child to set goals, work in a disciplined manner, and strive for success in their endeavors. The instructors at C.W. Taekwondo are fully qualified black belt instructors, who understand leading students through TKD levels also compliments a successful life, attitude and values. 


Theater/Book Club
Grades K-1 

Come join Ms. Olivia as she adds to her introduction to theater. We will transform classic stories into our virtual “act it out” book clubs. We will be learning different improv and acting techniques as we watch clips of classic children’s theater. Come take a look!

Survivor NEW CLASS
Grade 2-5

We’ve had such a great time with Knuckle Bones Sports, we asked them for another class! With over 250 seasons from the US and abroad, Survivor has created some of the greatest challenges on television. Recreating these challenges, some with twists, participants will work to outlast, outplay and outwit using creative, physical, and creative skills. Working in groups, individually and in pairs, participants will be presented with their very own season of Survivor…for the love of play!


Chess Jrs
Grades K-1 

We are very excited to have Ilya Krasik (USCF Rating: 2317) return to our Chess Program again this semester. "I strongly believe that the key to improving your chess is to raise your overall understanding of the game. Many people waste their time and money on trying to memorize openings and get nowhere. Increase your understanding and you will make that jump you've been seeking."

This class is appropriate for beginners and intermediates, and includes both instruction in elementary tactics and strategy, as well as individual game play. Players will be divided based on age, ability, and instructor recommendations.

Chess Srs
Grades 2-6 

We are excited to welcome Vadim back to our BB&N Chess program again this year. Vadim Martirosov is a highly experienced Chess Master (Highest FIDE rating: 2345; Current: 2250) from the former USSR. Vadim comes to BB&N with an excitement and enthusiasm that makes the game of chess fun for all ages.

This class will specialize in the student that would like to take chess to the next level and to explore the challenge of tournament play. Recommended for Grades 2-6 (younger students may be moved to this level II class only if deemed appropriate by the instructors) 

Grades K-5 

East meets West for a fun, energetic dance and movement class! This is a dance class that introduces children to the fun world of Bollywood dance. Children get physical activity virtually while learning dance steps to new and old songs from Bollywood movies. 

Ninja Warriors
Grades K-2

BB&N is excited to be working with Knuckle Bones for our sports classes.

Ninja Warrior is a blend of fitness, flexibility, strength, skill, and fun! Throughout class, participants will engage in various drills, elements, games, and obstacle courses. From scaling up cargo nets on a truss, to walking across balance beams, climbing over an A-frame to hanging on monkey bars, this class allows participants to have fun while progressing through elements…for the love of play! 


Puddle Stompers
Grades K-1

Come explore nature after school! Catch grasshoppers and listen to the sounds of the seasons! Peek inside animal skulls and feel animal fur! Discover which insects and bugs are crawling underground! Learn bird calls and go on a migration journey! Collect colorful fall leaves to learn why they change hues. We will use hands-on exploration activities, active movement and play, crafts, and stories to investigate the natural world around us. We will be outside and moving as we explore. Come discover the wonders of the seasons with us! 

Athletic Games
Grades 2-5

BB&N is excited to be working with Knuckle Bones for our sports classes.

This class is not your average sports class! Using an array of high-quality, unique equipment, participants play outside the box games for all to enjoy. Capture the Flag using giant, six-foot inflatable tubes - welcome to Powerball! Gaga, Poison, and more, participants learn new skills and have a blast…for the love of play! 

5th Grade Math Study Skills
5th Grade

Work with a tutor to finish your math homework in a timely manner.

Private Lessons 

Piano and Voice with Jimi
Grades K-6

Piano with Amy
Grades 2-6
Tuesday and Wednesday

Chess with Vadim
Grades K-6

Chess with Ilya
Grades K-6