After School Programs

The overarching goal of our After School Program is to offer our BB&N students an enriching and fun environment that students can enjoy, and a stress-free, high-quality program that parents can rely on. Our students can choose from options that range from the less structured pace of After Care to the more structured opportunities available in the After School Activities Program (ASAP). All After School Programs are offered on a per-semester basis to BB&N enrolled students per the age/grade restrictions noted. Each semester coincides with the half way point of the BB&N academic calendar.

Our LS After School Program provides coverage each school day from dismissal to 5:30 PM for BB&N enrolled students. We have several programs to choose from to fit your schedule throughout the semester from After Care till 5:30 each day to ASAP Classes for specialized programs, to coverage for the bus kids or daily rates for one time care.

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After School Dates per Semester:


After Care:

  • Grades K-8: Wed Sept 5th to Jan 19th, 2018
  • Beginners: Mon Sept 11th to Jan 19th, 2018

ASAP Classes:

  • Grades K-8: Mon Sept 11th to Jan 12th, 2018
  • Beginners: ASAP classes are not offered for Beginners


After Care:

  • Grades K-8: Jan 22nd to June 5th, 2018
  • Beginners: Jan 22nd to June 5th, 2018

ASAP Classes:

  • Grades K-8: Jan 22nd to May 25th, 2018
  • Beginners: ASAP classes are not offered for Beginner

NEW!!!! Extravaganza... as much as we have loved offering our students our Extravaganza programs during Mud Weeks, we will be discontinuing this practice this school year (Sept 2017-June 2018). We will continue to offer our After Care Program during Mud Weeks for those that need or want coverage on a daily basis. Please plan accordingly when determining your families' schedule for this school year.

To all of our faculty, staff, and families... Thank you for supporting our After School Program, we could not have done it all with out so many of you giving up your rooms, and putting up with our gleeful (but loud) presence on the LS Campus! Here's to another great school year!!

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A special thank you to photographer and video creator, Abby Cozier '17.

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