Upper School Spring Play Puts a Twist on a Classic Legend

By Hannah Garcia May 22, 2024
A person with pale makeup and disheveled hair points forward with a smile, standing behind another seated person dressed in period costume with a somber expression. Other similarly dressed individuals are blurred in the background.

It may not be spooky season yet but the Lindberg-Serries Theater was a veritable haunted house in the Upper School’s production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This classic Upstate New York legend was reimagined by director Ross MacDonald and students Hannah Brodsky ’25 and Amhad Khalid ’26 as an interactive experience for the audience. 

The 65-minute immersive play follows Ichabod Crane (Gordon Miller ’27), a small-town school teacher with a penchant for ghost stories as he tries to court the most eligible bachelorette in the town, Katrina Van Tressel (Sandy Narayan ’27). Meanwhile, romantic rival Brom Van Brunt (Alec Bailey ’26) schemes to eliminate the competition by playing into local superstitions and chasing Crane through the forest (played by the audience) as the Headless Horseman.

Eventually, after dueling proposals by Crane and Van Brunt, Katrina chooses the latter. Devastated, Crane rides through the forest and is never seen again. Legend has it that the Headless Horseman dragged him away since the town never found the body of the schoolteacher. 

BB&N will take the show on the road to the Fringe Festival in Scotland over the summer, participating in one of the largest performance arts festivals in the world. Thank you to directors and designers Ross MacDonald, Adam Howarth, and Louise Brown for their work reimagining a classic tale.