Celebrating History and Heritage at BB&N

By Hannah Garcia October 27, 2023

October is a busy month for commemorating and honoring our community’s diverse heritage. In addition to the tail-end of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, it is also LGBTQ+ History Month and Filipinx Heritage Month. The Lower School and Middle School campuses hosted student-led celebrations to recognize the array of identities celebrated this month.

The Lower School hosted an assembly for students to learn more about their Rainbow Community at BB&N and discover notable Latinx and Filipinx figures in history. The presentation even included a short video from current 6th-graders on what identifying as non-binary means to them and which pronouns to use when addressing them. The time in the gymnasium was a short but meaningful look into the community at BB&N.

The Middle School took a similar approach, allowing the students to lead the celebration by presenting the history of Latinx and Hispanic History Month to their peers. The students shared their identities, and after a brief presentation, hosted a competitive trivia game between the homerooms to close out an engaging session of exploring identities. 

Later in the month, the Middle School once again had a student presenter who educated his peers on the history of LGBTQ+ History Month, as well as an account of organizations at BB&N. For example, the first affinity group related to LGBTQ+ causes was the GSA in 1997, while affinity lunches started at the Middle School in 2018. Keeping with the precedent set earlier in the month, the assembly ended with a rowdy Kahoot that pitted the homerooms against one another for bragging rights. 

As the year goes on, all campuses will continue to celebrate and educate each other on the identities represented in our community.