Middle School

Middle School Drama Performance Takes the Gold

BB&N Middle Schoolers recently won top prize, a gold medal, at The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild middle school drama festival. Hosted by the Notre Dame Academy in Hingham, MA, the annual event featured numerous performances by six area schools, including BB&N's production of Don Zolidis’ The Firecracker Incident.

Middle Schoolers Probe for Answers at "Science Knight"

Have you ever wondered how food can affect your mood? How the bodily functions of cows contribute to global warming? Or why Twinkies last so long? These questions and more were answered at "Science Knight," a recent evening of chemistry in the Middle School Big Room and foyer.

Middle School Launches Interfaith Pilot Initiative

A rabbi, a reverend, and an Islamic educator walk into room...it may sound like a bad joke, but when those exact circumstance came to pass in the Middle School Big Room this February, the punchline was an enlightening exploration of faith.

Raptors Visit the Middle School

Four birds of prey –a Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl, Red Tailed Hawk, and a Turkey Vulture –visited the Middle School this week during Community Time.

Mindfulness at the Middle School

Mindful Lunch at the Middle School evolved about 5 years ago out of realization that kids were expressing an interest and also a need for more ways to “de-stress.”

Grade 8 Students Embark on a New Journey

The BB&N Middle School Closing Ceremony, held on June 7th at the Nicholas Athletic Center, marked an important milestone for the 88 eighth graders making the transition to high school