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On & Off Campus Blog: September Posts

On and Off CampusBB&N Alumni/ae Office's weekly blog, features contributions by members of the BB&N community, including the student writing panel, current and past faculty, and alumni/ae. Check out some of the latest posts.

Sixth Grade Learns from Urban Improv

On September 5th, Urban Improv, an arm of the organization Rehearsal for Life, spent the afternoon role playing with sixth grade students about issues that impact kids. Delving into topics such as responsibility, school/life balance, prioritizing, and others, the troupe used comedy and improv acting to help students explore common issues within their age group.

Grade 6 Closing Ceremony

Gathering together for their last day as sixth graders, the class of 2024 celebrated the end of their tenure at the Lower School at this year’s closing ceremony.

Kindergartners Make Beautiful Music with EcoSonic Playground

Ever since 1999, Lower School music teacher Sara Zur had been dreaming of creating a musical play space for kids that would open their imaginations and foster a love of music. During travels in England and Israel, Zur had witnessed sound installations and melodic play areas, including a junkyard in Israel that transformed everyday waste objects into a learning opportunities for children.

Faculty Squeak Out Victory in Annual Sixth Grade Kickball Game

Despite a hot and humid day that seemed to favor their energetic and nascent opponents, the Lower School faculty pulled out a narrow victory against the sixth grade in the School's annual kickball game. A staple of spring for more than 25 years on the Lower School campus, the annual event pits teachers against students in a hilarious, fun, and cutthroat game of kickball.

Sixth Grade Impresses in Alice in Wonderland Jr.

When BB&N sixth graders took the stage for their ensemble production of Alice in Wonderland Jr. this spring, many had never acted in front of an audience before. Leaving the Lower School gymnasium following the show, it's fair to say that nobody in the audience cold have guessed that was the case.

Lower School Students Get the "Drop" on Science

Last weekend's Family Science Saturday event offered Lower School students a chance to settle one science's most ferocious rivalries, gravity versus the chicken egg. Students were tasked to build a device that would protect a raw chicken egg when dropped from the second story of the Upper School's Renaissance Hall, the goal being to build the lightest, successful contraption.

Grade 2 Explores Robotics

For the second annual Robot Extravaganza, Grade 2 students spent the three days before Thanksgiving break planning and building their own robots using classroom materials and the Thinker Lab.