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Bivouac Builds Ninth Grade Community

Nothing brings a class together like an outdoor adventure, and for the 66th year now, BB&N's Bivouac program is doing just that. Despite being outside of their comfort zone and enduring a lack of smartphones (gasp!), the resilient members of The Class of 2022 have tackled Bivouac head-on.

Singer Songwriter Casey McQuillen Visits Middle School

Middle School students assembled in the Big Room this Wednesday were treated to more than just songs when musician Casey McQuillen stopped by BB&N on her “You Matter’ tour. While she did perform several tunes, the focus of McQuillen’s visit held much higher aspirations than simply entertaining people with her guitar and voice.

BB&N Announces Junior Profile Winners

Four BB&N seniors have received top honors in the annual Junior Profile Contest, the final event in the cornerstone English project for all eleventh graders.

Sixth Grade Learns from Urban Improv

On September 5th, Urban Improv, an arm of the organization Rehearsal for Life, spent the afternoon role playing with sixth grade students about issues that impact kids. Delving into topics such as responsibility, school/life balance, prioritizing, and others, the troupe used comedy and improv acting to help students explore common issues within their age group.

Ninth Grade Departs for Annual Bivouac

Keeping an historic tradition alive, BB&N ninth graders boarded buses this morning for the school's 66th annual Bivouac. The 12-day wilderness immersion helps the freshmen to form bonds and glean lifelong lessons from "nature's classroom" in the New Hampshire woods.

BB&N Summer Camp Better than Ever in Year 69

When imagining a school in the summer, the picture is usually a languid one—empty classrooms and quiet hallways. A visit to BB&N's Upper School this summer turns that notion on its head. The reason? BB&N summer camp.

Class of 2018 Bids Farewell to BB&N

BB&N’s Class of 2018 welcomed this year’s graduation with smiles as bright as the sun streaming through the windows of the Nicholas Athletic Center.

Grade 8 Students Celebrate New Beginnings

The BB&N Middle School Closing Ceremony, held on June 6th at the Nicholas Athletic Center, marked an important milestone for the 90 eighth graders making the transition to high school.

Grade 6 Closing Ceremony

Gathering together for their last day as sixth graders, the class of 2024 celebrated the end of their tenure at the Lower School at this year’s closing ceremony.

Kindergartners Make Beautiful Music with EcoSonic Playground

Ever since 1999, Lower School music teacher Sara Zur had been dreaming of creating a musical play space for kids that would open their imaginations and foster a love of music. During travels in England and Israel, Zur had witnessed sound installations and melodic play areas, including a junkyard in Israel that transformed everyday waste objects into a learning opportunities for children.

Students Shine in Upper School Spring Play

This year’s Upper School spring play tackled Simon Stephen’s stage adaptation of Mark Haddon’s best-selling book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.