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Middle School "Rocks" in Spring Musical

Harnessing their inner rock stars, BB&N middle schoolers took to the stage this spring for a rollicking performance of the play, School of Rock the Musical.

Middle School Earns Silver Medal at Drama Festival

BB&N Middle Schoolers recently garnered a silver medal at The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild middle school drama festival. Hosted by the Winthrop Middle School, the event featured numerous performances by area schools, including BB&N's production of OMG (Opposite Machine Gadget.

Second Graders Take to the Street with Bike Study

Last Friday 38 BB&N second graders on bikes and scooters shut down traffic on a ride through Cambridge. Accompanied by a police escort seven bicycle cops strong, the excursion put a cherry atop what has been a fun and educational piece of the Grade Two social studies curriculum: a month-long bike study.

Middle Schoolers Tackle Tough Questions at Science Knight

Why is spider silk so strong? Why does chocolate taste so good to humans but is toxic to dogs? What sustainable development goals will the CRER-7000 or Isotopic Hairtron 500 help achieve? Eighth grade science students explored these questions and many more at the recent Middle School Science Knight.

Junior Wins Poetry Competition, Opens for Acclaimed Poet

... A gathering of poetry enthusiasts assembled on March 25 for the presentation of the prestigious Robert Creeley Award to acclaimed poet Marie Howe. The BB&N hometown pride, though, was reserved for Claudia Inglessis '18....

Global Perspectives at the Middle School

As students figure out a science lab, analyze a poem, trot onto the soccer field, prepare a meal for a local shelter, or during any of the ways they share a common experience, their lives at school are enriched by their subtle (and not so subtle) exposure to global perspectives....

Grade 4 Students Perform "The Golden Door"

On March 10th, eight 4th grade students had the unique opportunity to perform on stage in a play with the visiting group, In Good Company. The play, The Golden Door, explores a variety of cultures in the context of immigration and cultural diversity in present-day Boston, a topic that nicely complements the current 4th-grade unit on diversity in the classroom.

"Struggle, Hope, and Action" in Beginners North

Over the course of the year, Beginners North has been working with the Lower School theme of 'Struggle, Hope, and Action.' For our class, this means a process of developing a strong classroom community, making meaning about concepts of justice, and then envisioning what we want the world to be.

Upper School Musical Wows Audiences

BB&N students recently brought Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar to life in the Upper School theater with a highly successful production of the musical.

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