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Don't Forget to be Kind to Yourself

As a lifer at BB&N, the value of kindness has been ingrained in me since childhood, and it’s informed many of my goals for senior year. As a leader of the GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) and a Peer Counselor, I aim to create an environment that is more inclusive and educated about the LGBTQ+ community and mental health. I want to leave BB&N having made it a kinder environment for those who come next.

Professional Arborists Visit Lower School

Preparing their climbing gear at the base of a towering pine tree on BB&N’s Lower School, arborists Remy Lee and Josh Snyder encountered something unusual in their field of work: a cheering section.

Lower School Launches Newspaper: The Buckingham Times

In a move that has The Boston Globe quaking in its boots, BB&N’s Lower School has jumped into the newspaper business! The Buckingham Times launched this year to much acclaim on the 12 Buckingham campus.

Upper School Delights with Winter Concerts

Upper School musicians kicked off the winter season in style with a series of concerts which showcased the melodic talent ringing from every BB&N classroom.

Fifth Grade Celebration of History and Ancestry

Talking about a big sisters, a grandparents, and other family members, BB&N fifth graders brought a touch of their own history to the Lower School community before winter break in a Celebration of Ancestry and Traditions assembly.