Health & Fitness Program

Mens sana in corpore sano” ~Juvenal
(A healthy mind in a healthy body)


Health and Fitness emphasizes the concept of a sound mind in a healthy body. Through this individualized program, students will participate in physical training sessions based on their needs and interests. They will develop their mental and physical potential through relaxation and exercise. Ninth graders will participate in a weekly theory class on a variety of health and fitness topics that also support the curriculum.

The main health objective of each class is to increase awareness and tools for living a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn to create a balance between the four pillars of health: getting enough sleep; eating nutritious, healthy and delicious foods that will help them perform at their best; exercising to power-up body and mind; and dealing positively with stress. These goals will be monitored throughout the program. Ultimately, students will be able to integrate healthy habits into everyday choices.

Articles by Henri Andre, BB&N’s director of health and fitness