Health Services & Safety


Medical Requirements for Student Athletic Participation: 

Updated yearly physical within 13 months

Baseline Impact test within 2 years 

Online PPE health form done each season.

CDC concussion training done yearly. 

Coaching Requirements:

CPR/AED Certification- valid every 2 years Online CDC Concussion Heads up training- valid 1 year 

*In order to ensure a safe environment for your child medical information relevant to the student's health and safety is communicated to school staff as a "need to know" basis, as determined by the Athletic Trainers and School Nurses. 

  • Certified athletic trainers are present for on-campus contests and practices, with effective access to peripheral fields and venues.
  • Coaches are required to report all injuries, illnesses, and/or other health conditions to the Athletic Training Staff as soon as possible. Athletic Trainers will work in conjunction with campus nurses and outside health care professionals to ensure optimal care for your athlete in timely manner.
  • When student athletes see an outside health care provider they must provide in writing: a diagnosis, treatment plan, and clear parameters for return to activity. Student athletes cannot return to team practice or play without this information and proper clearance from the Athletic Training Staff.
  • Athletes are required to have a gradual ramp up to competition and/or practice after returning from an illness or injury BEFORE they return to a competition or game. They must have a minimum of 1 full practice before returning to competition.
  • As part of our head injury protocol, athletes must follow a gradual step by step process to return to activity- which is a minimum of 5 steps, and must have a  full contact  BBN practice, before returning to competition. The progression of each step must be supervised by the athletic training staff and be a minimum of 24 hours per step.  Athletes must have treating physician clearance, no academic accommodations, and a repeat ImPact back to baseline before game play.
  • All injuries should be reported to the athletic training staff ASAP- especially at away contests-whether by email, text or phone call.
  • BB&N Athletic Trainers will notify parents and coaches of any significant athletic injury or if a student athlete may need further evaluation or monitoring. Please direct all health communication to the Athletic Training staff.
  • All parents and spectators must remain off all playing surfaces during practices and games. In  the event of a significant injury, parents will be notified on the sidelines whenever possible.
  • When traveling teams are required to bring their own water bottles/jug, first aid kit, and emergency medical forms- which is given to each coach by athletic training staff.
  • No persons, other than a parent or our school nurse, is permitted to give out any kind of medication (ie tylenol, advil, etc).
  • In accordance with the ISL policies- "In order to minimize health and safety risks to student-athletes, maintain ethical standards and reduce liability risks, school personnel and coaches should never supply, recommend, or permit the use of any drug, medication or food supplement solely for performance enhancing purposes."
  • If you have questions, concerns or information regarding your athlete's health or injury status, please do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Training Staff.