Health Services & Safety

Kathy Gruning, Head Athletic Trainer 617-800-2239

Ali Mattia, Associate Athletic Trainer 617-800-2145

Health Requirements:

The following items are mandatory in order to participate in athletics:
  • Completion of all necessary online student health forms and an updated annual physical exam.
  • Completion of baseline ImPact concussion test (grades 6, 7, 9, 11 and new students.)
  • Completion of online Pre-Participation Exam Form (PPE)—updated each pre-season by August 15.


*In order to ensure a safe environment for your child medical information relevant to the student’s health and safety is communicated to school staff as a “need to know” basis, as determined by the Athletic Trainers and School Nurses.

  • Certified athletic trainers are present at all on-campus contests and practices, with effective access to peripheral fields.
  • Parents are required to report all injuries, illnesses, and/or other health conditions to the Athletic Training Staff or Campus Nurses as soon as possible. Athletic Trainers will work in conjunction with campus nurses and outside health care professionals to ensure optimal care for your child in timely manner.
  • When enlisting private health services, please ask your health care provider to provide in writing: a diagnosis, treatment plan, and clear parameters for return to activity. Student athletes cannot return to team practice or play without this information and/or proper clearance from Athletic Training Staff.
  • BB&N Athletic Trainers will notify parents of any significant athletic injury or if a student athlete may need further evaluation or monitoring.
  • All parents and spectators must remain off all playing surfaces during practices and games. In the event of a significant injury, parents will be notified on the sidelines whenever possible.
  • If you have questions, concerns or information regarding your child’s health or injury status, please do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Training Staff.

Click here to access the School’s Life Threatening Allergy Policy.

Head Injury Policy: Please refer to the Student Health and Wellness Policies in the All School Policies and Information document.

Mouth Guard Policy: Please refer to the Student Health and Wellness Policies in the All School Policies and Information document.

Medical Waivers: If your child is unable to participate in athletics due to extended illness or injury, please submit to the Athletic Training Staff medical documentation from the treating physician including; diagnosis, period of time, and plan of care. Medical Waiver information will be communicated to school staff on a “need to know” basis.

Please see pages 14 and 15 of the All-School Handbook for the School’s Anti -Hazing policy, Harassment policy, Anti-Bullying policy, and Child abuse policy.

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