Athletics Policies

Conflict Resolution Process

Conflict Resolution Policy for Athletes:

1. If appropriate, the athlete should discuss the issue within the team; the team leader might facilitate this. The team leader might also offer to go with the athlete in conflict to the coach.

2. An athlete and coach should attempt to resolve any issues.

3. If the conflict cannot be resolved between the athlete and coach, the athlete should make an appointment to meet with the Director of Athletics.

4. If the problem is still unresolved, then the parent should contact the coach.

5. Only when the problem cannot be resolved with the coach should the parent contact the Director of Athletics.

6. These are the steps to be followed for conflict resolution:

a. Athlete – Captain/Team Leader

b. Athlete – Coach

c. Athlete – Director of Athletics

d. Parent – Coach

e. Parent – Director of Athletics

Process for Interscholastic Athletic Team Additions or Deletions

Adding or deleting teams at BB&N should be a thoughtful and thorough process. Therefore, creating a committee to conduct a purposeful study of such requests is vital. The Athletic Director is the chair of the committee, which is comprised of adults from athletics, the upper school and middle school academic offices, and a representative from the CFO’s office.

Please note the steps below.

1. The committee will review the following criteria for decision-making. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Substantial stakeholder interest
  • Budget implications
  • Facility implications
  • Transportation implications
  • Other resource implications
  • Impact to other BB&N teams
  • Impact to the Independent School League (ISL)

2. Consult with others, as needed, such as the Finance/Business Manager, opposing schools and greater community to gather more information.

3. After weighing the implications, make the appropriate recommendation to the Head of School for the final decision.

Please click here to access the 2016/2017 Athletics Handbook.

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