Waivers & Exemptions

MS Athletic Program Alternative Waiver Form

Students with demonstrated ability and a major commitment to training for a sport/activity that BB&N does not offer (i.e. riding, skiing, swimming, figure skating) may apply for an off-campus Athletic Program Waiver. If a student is granted a waiver he/ she will be dismissed at the end of the Middle School academic day. Those students who cannot be dismissed at the end of the MS academic day will not qualify for a waiver. Students with a Medical Waiver or athletic injury will be dismissed at the end of the MS academic day unless a rehabilitation program with the BB&N Athletic Trainers is requested and approved. The Independent School League bylaws state, “Multi-season, single sport: Athletes may not receive credit for participating in a sport (offered) for more than one season in an academic year.” All such proposals, and any additional season requests must be submitted to the Director of Athletics no later than the first day of classes in the fall, by the Monday before the first day of seasonal tryouts in the winter and spring in order to seek approval. A decision will be made within five School days after submission. Seasonal tryout dates will be communicated to students/parents via the website and the seasonal Athletic Department Information Letter. Waiver Forms are available in the Athletic Department Office or download the MS waiver form here.