Athletics Policies

Campus Programs, Offerings and Requirements
Middle School (Grades 6-8)

The Grades 6-8 program makes a minor shift to a more competitive team program. Without abandoning the principles of participation and enjoyment begun in our Lower School, we start to allow for individual differences among student athletes. All students are expected to participate in the Middle School athletic program for all three seasons. Typical practice days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-3:30 PM with end of day pick-up at the Upper School Athletic Center, 3:40-4:10 PM. Game days are typically Fridays and some Wednesdays.

We feel that being involved in a team, at some level, is a valuable experience for all students. All participants are expected to receive fairly equal playing time over the course of the entire season.

Grades 6th-8th Athletics Programs, Offerings, and Requirements

• Students must participate in the Athletic Program for three seasons.

• Student participation in a team sport must yield enough players in order to compete at an interscholastic level.

• A tryout selection process according to ability will be used when necessary, if cut from a team, an alternate plan will be arranged by the Coaches and Athletic Director. No student will be cut from their first choice more than one time throughout the academic year (please note 6th graders not eligible for A teams).

8th Grade Consideration for Varsity Participation

**Must be coordinated directly with the Athletic Department

Only Middle School athletes with exceptional athletic talent will be considered candidates for Varsity Teams; fundamentally a Middle School student should play with his or her peers, giving directly to the Middle School community. However, in certain rare cases, when a student’s athletic talent far exceeds that of his or her peers, and playing at the Middle School level might hinder his or her athletic development, the student will be considered a candidate for a Varsity Team.

The following procedure must be followed in order for an eighth grader to become eligible for participation on a Varsity Team with Upper School students. The sequence of events is critical to preserving the integrity of the parents’ and Advisor’s decision making process.

If an exceptional athlete in good academic standing is identified as a potential Varsity candidate, the following steps must be completed in order for the student to become eligible. The student must be the last to be informed in this process, never before the advisor and parents.

1. The coach informs the Associate Director of Athletics for the Middle School of interest in a student-athlete. (The student needs to show exceptional talent, i.e., plays significantly above his or her age level, and will be a significant contributor or starter/high impact player at the Varsity level.)

2. The Associate Director of Athletics informs the Director of Athletics and the Middle School Director, who notifies Grade Dean and Advisor

The following areas are considered:

Academic: Students profile is reviewed to determine whether the student is in good academic standing

Social: The student’s social/emotional maturity is considered. Any disciplinary record will be reviewed. Given the pace, demand and exposure to older students, the student’s ability to comfortably interact with older students will be considered. Time management skills, organization, and motivation are all important.

3. The latter two confer, and the Advisor:

a) consults the teachers to assess the student’s academic standing.

b) consults the parents if the general feeling is to move forward

c) or conveys reasons to Middle School Director why the process should not move to the tryout stage

  • The Middle School Director informs the Associate Director of Athletics of the decision
  • If the Student makes the team, the Associate Director of    Athletics will communicate with all parties involved. The        Associate Director of Athletics covers details, expectations and  transportation issues with the family. The Associate Director of  Athletics, with the Grade Dean, will cover this with the student.
  • If an eighth grader makes the Varsity Team, he/she will be waived from his/her Middle School athletic commitment.

Failure to follow this process – particularly if the student-athlete is prematurely contacted – may result in the student being automatically withdrawn from Varsity eligibility for the season.

If the above steps are completed, and the student-athlete has a successful tryout, the eighth grader may be a provisional member of a Varsity team as long as:

1. The student does not miss any part of the Middle School program (arts, academics and CT, Community Time on Blue week Wednesdays) more than once (coach/advisor decision, at least 24 hours in advance) per season.

2. The student’s academic progress is monitored on a regular basis and he/she is deemed to be in good standing (determined by the Grade Dean and Campus Director)

3. The student meets responsibilities (on time, homework, lunch duties, meetings, etc.) and does not incur warning slips or is deemed guilty of behavior inappropriate for someone who has been granted the privilege of playing on a Varsity Team.

If the above conditions are not met, the Advisor will meet with the Grade Dean, Director and Associate Director of Athletics to assess the student’s eligibility for the remainder of the season.

In general, it is recommended that involvement be limited to one season. In extremely rare circumstances, a student could be considered for a second season.

MS No Sports/Mud Weeks:

This term refers to the dates in between athletic seasons. During these weeks, Seventh and Eighth Graders are often dismissed at 2:15 p.m.