Sixth Grade Program

During the 2013-2014 school year, BB&N's 6th grade athletic program made a minor shift to a more competitive team program. Without abandoning the principles of participation and enjoyment begun in our Lower School, we started to allow for individual differences among our 6th grade student athletes. All students are expected to participate in the Middle School athletic program for all three seasons.

Typically for our 6th graders, practice days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-3:40 PM with end of day pick-up at the Upper School Athletic Center, 3:50-4:10 PM. Game days are typically Fridays and some Wednesdays with times and locations available seasonally on the Middle School athletics page.

We feel that being involved on a team, at some level, is a valuable experience for all students. All participants are expected to receive fairly equal playing time over the course of the entire season.

Grades 6-8 Athletic Programs, Offerings, and Requirements
• Students must participate in the Athletic Program for three seasons.
• Student participation in a team sport must yield enough players in order to compete at an interscholastic level.
• The number in parentheses next to the sports below represents the maximum number of players per team. A tryout selection process according to ability will be used when necessary, if cut from a team, an alternate plan will be arranged by the Coaches and Athletic Director. No student will be cut from their first choice more than one time throughout the academic year (please note 6th graders not eligible for A teams).
• Alternative programs may be accepted.


Upcoming Middle School Athletic Events
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