In the BB&N Upper School Theatre program we try to engage kids - as costumers, designers, builders, actors, directors- in theatre experiences that are stimulating, provocative, risky, disciplined, fun. Over eighty students are involved in three faculty-directed productions (two plays and a musical), and a senior-directed show. Our tech crews build professional level costumes and sets and run sophisticated lighting and sound designs for each show. We work together to make theatre that is real theatre that just happens to be created and performed by high school kids. We try to surprise each other and the wider school community with discoveries and to work to do what we initially didn’t know we could do. We think we succeed more often than not.

Stagecraft/Scenery & Lighting Design

The Stage Crew is an integral part of our productions at the Upper School. This team builds and paints the scenery and props; installs lighting and then works backstage and in the control booth running the show in tandem with the cast.

Costume Design & Production

Students with all levels of sewing experience are introduced to life in a theatrical costume shop! While working on the design and production of costumes for the play or musical currently in production, students learn about costume history, millinery, costume props and accessories, hair and makeup design, practical machine and hand-sewing skills, pattern reading, pattern drafting and draping and all other aspects of costume building. Whether it is creating authentic 18th century underpinnings for 'Our Country's Good', sculpting animal ears and facial features for 'Animal Farm' or making 16th century ruffs for 'The Taming of the Shrew', we use many different techniques, procedures and tricks to achieve our design concept. During production week students see their creations come alive on stage while acting as dressers and hair and make up artists for the cast. No previous theatrical or sewing experience is necessary.

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