Grade 7 Program

Students rotate through drama, music, three-dimensional, and two-dimensional art in quarterly cycles, each class meeting four times per week.

Ceramics as Three-Dimensional Art: The Ceramics program at the middle school aims to create a relaxing and supportive environment to explore three-dimensional art using hand-building clay techniques. Students express their ideas through specific projects exploring their identity while also gaining understanding of the unique properties of the materials. Finally, contemporary and historical ceramics from various cultures are explored throughout the projects to give a basic knowledge of their importance and context for ceramics today.

Two-Dimensional Art: In the 7th grade is an introductory class structured around the study of the Elements of Art, which are the fundamental concepts for understanding and creating visual work. Through video resources, exposure to a variety of artist exemplars, class discussions, and a diverse range of hands-on activities, students gain a deeper understanding of how artists use the Elements even as they explore their own artistry. Students also engage in daily warm-up drawings as a way to develop their creative sensibilities and visual intelligence. The culminating project allows students to apply their knowledge of the Elements in a personally meaningful way.

Drama: 7th Grade Drama is an introduction to theatre performance. Classes focus on improvisation that will help students trust and access their creative instincts on the stage. Students create scenes and characters based on their own experiences and discuss the ways in which art relates to everyday life. Emphasis is given to learning to be supportive members of a creative group, on understanding compassion as an essential acting tool, and on the role of Theater in the community, past and present. The quarter culminates in a performance for the 7th grade class.

Music: General music in the 7th grade is a skill building class that also develops prerequisite skills for 8th grade electives. Students work towards proficiency in musical notation through the study of rhythmic values and use of treble and bass clefs. These skills are reinforced by using percussion instruments and singing in class. Each class will perform at least once during the school year. Topics include basic music theory and musicianship skills, score reading, ear training, form and analysis, and basic compositional practices.