Waitlist Process FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions about what the waitlist status/process at BB&N means. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please email admission@bbns.org with any further inquiries.

The fundamental nature of our admissions process is such that BB&N receives many more qualified applicants than there are seats available. This is true across grade levels and means difficult choices are made every year as to which students receive an initial offer of admission. Selection committees composed of admissions staff, faculty, and school administrators evaluate and choose students for admission who, in our estimation, will best complement one another and our current student community. We place candidates on the waitlist who are a suitable fit for BB&N but for whom we do not have any current openings. Because of our historically low attrition, non-entry years generally have few or no seats available.

In addition to the academic and social profile of each applicant, we consider the class as a whole and try to determine the right balance of different skills and traits that students bring to the community. We look to balance the cohort with students who show a desire for high engagement and, when possible, might offer something unique to the classroom and/or community at large. At the Middle and Upper School levels, where students have already had a substantial educational journey, we look for leadership potential, unique and developing skills, and passions not only in the classroom, but also across many extracurricular areas. Unfortunately, with so few spaces available and so many qualified applicants, we do not have enough openings for all the students who would be wonderful and valuable additions to our school community.

At this time we do not need additional/supplemental information unless it substantially differs from the  application materials that we have on file. If this is the case, please email your materials to admission@bbns.org

No. If we have the opportunity to go to the waitlist, we will select the person from the group whom we consider the best fit at that particular time. All candidates on the waitlist are considered and no child will have an advantage beyond that of their individual profile and application materials submitted.

To accept our waitlist offer, please select the ‘Accept Waitlist’ option at the bottom of your decision letter on your Veracross admissions portal as soon as possible. If a space becomes available and your child has been selected from the waitlist, we will notify you as soon as we are able. If you accept an offer of admission from another school but choose to remain on our waitlist, we recommend that you share your status with both schools. This better helps all school communities manage their enrollment effectively.

Our admissions team will consider you a part of the waitlist until the date you indicate on your waitlist response or until full enrollment has been met. In order to be considered for admission the following school year, students must re-apply and submit a new application. This provides an accurate and up to date representation of a student’s academic and social growth.