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Blog Posts

Putting a human face on Primary Care at Children's Hospital
Jayanth Uppaluri '20

When I stepped into the Boston Children's Hospital division of Primary Care on my first day as a summer volunteer, I was about to drop dead out of fright.  This was after two sessions of orientation on rules, regulations, and procedure, each lasting two hours.  I had been lectured on such topics as escaping the hospital in a fire and dealing with chemical spills, but they had taught me nothing to do with the finer points of interacting with young children. 

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Norway's place in my hybrid background
Tessa Haining '19

Norwegian grocery stores, like the Meny near my grandmother's family's summerhouse south of Oslo, are surprisingly colorful endeavors. The bright red lettering on the sign for "Kjøtt" (meat) and the pleasing blue "Fisk" (fish) contrast with the vibrant green produce to create a whirlwind of color that almost makes up for the staggeringly high grocery bill. For the most part, Meny looks like any American grocery store, albeit neater and far more tastefully decorated; but an American visitor, Google Translate in tow, might stop short at the aisle along the wall. "Pålegg?" the visitor asks him or herself, reading the aisle's descriptor. "What does that mean?"

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Learning to be
By Lindsay Jernigan, Ph.D. ‘91

My days at BB&N were spent becoming. Like most adolescents, I was doing the hard work of discovering who I was. Adolescents look to their peers as a reference during this process. Who am I like? Who am I not like? Who do I want to emulate? 

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A summer program offers a hint of college life
Spencer Solit '19

This summer I was accepted into the Economics Pathway Program at the University of Chicago, where I spent about a month living on campus and attending classes. The latter I was used to—sitting in a lecture hall taking notes wasn't too different than sitting in a BB&N classroom. However, while I could foresee many changes to everyday life, I didn't grasp how much impact those changes would have.

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