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A break from "break"
Jayanth Uppaluri '20

Spring break is a time to relax.  It's a time to unwind from the stress of the second trimester and enjoy a couple of weeks off with family and friends.  However, junior year spring break is a whole other ballgame. This is often a prime opportunity to go on a few college visits and think about life after BB&N.

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Claire Pingitore '20

On the day after last week's EcoBash, I was sitting in chemistry class when one of my classmates mentioned that they had not had a chance to debrief from the day before. Thinking we were going to swap stories about our respective workshops, I was excited to have a few minutes' break from enthalpy and stoichiometry, so I was surprised when several people described the day as 'heavy.'

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The 'Clueless Freshman Face': ninth grade Lessons in self-determination
by Jack Haining '22

To be a freshman is to be clueless. That, as all former high school nine-graders can remember, and as all current ninth-graders in my year can attest to, is what makes us the distinctive, bottom-of-the-food-chain minnows that we are. This 'lost-puppy' attitude is shown by most of my fellow freshman through the commonly found, distinctive look of 'the clueless freshman face.'

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