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WANTED: Senior Tile ideas
by Mary Randolph '22

Lately, my senior tile design has plagued my mind. I have absolutely no artistic talent, and I've spent my free time the past three years (excluding our brief stint in the NAC) in Renaissance Hall, staring at others' tiles, feeling wholly unequipped to measure up to them. Even if I did have some level of artistry, I have no clue what should adorn my tile; how do I choose one image to define my high school experience and identity?

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Taking center stage
by Kaia Patterson '23

With spring’s arrival, the time eventually came to say our goodbyes to a winter sport. For some, this day was marked by a final walk off the ice, or perhaps the basketball court. For me, however, this day came through a final bow on the stage of BB&N’s winter musical Into the Woods. Walking off the stage of our last performance, a wide variety of emotions came over me as I realized that I had reached the end of a four-month production.

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Mastering the art of impulse buying
by Tess Holland '23

Okay, I’ll admit it. I have a problem with impulse buying. It’s a not-so-secret, unhinged desire to grab any and every beauty product I lay my eyes on. Most often, my impulsiveness shines through while online shopping given the ease of clicking “place order” from the comfort of my couch, and within days the goodies will be sitting on my doorstep. The rare few times that I am actually in a store, the impulsiveness shines through there as well; see something attention grabbing, read the label a few times over, drop the item in my cart. Simple as that.

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