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What does 2022 have in store for me?
Beyoncé Hector '23

Every New Year's Eve, I make a list of resolutions, like many of us do, that I never actually fulfill. To be fair, my resolutions consist of things I know won't happen, like working out every single day. It's not because I don't want to, but it's just not the most important thing to me. So, why put it on my list? I don't know. I've learned that the resolutions you make for yourself are solely another way of setting expectations. However, I just end up disappointing myself when I don't accomplish them.

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Time spent on yourself is never wasted
by Shane McCauley '24

The fall school year was a bit of a shock work-wise. Returning fully to physical school, I had forgotten that last year’s workload was diminished in light of the pandemic. Now that we’re back from Winter Break, I’ve found myself focusing on my classes more than ever, giving myself less free time on the weekends and forcing myself to work instead. However, something I realized over the last month of the last trimester is that pressuring myself to delegate nearly all of my free time to work is counterproductive. Allowing myself to spend more time doing things I enjoy for pleasure, rather than over-studying for every assessment, has ultimately improved my headspace, allowing me to continue to learn at the same level while feeling better too.

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Hello, old friend: the benefits of playing the piano
Kaia Patterson '23

Growing up in a household that continuously contained the sounds of Bach and Tchaikovsky in the background on our radio speaker, music has been, and will continue to be, a big part of my life. Thus, it came as no surprise when I was encouraged to pick an instrument––an instrument that ultimately ended up being a piano. At the age of six, we started off with an electric piano for beginners. The tune was obviously a bit off from that of a wooden piano, but I enjoyed the additional settings and buttons creating a set of tunes which I would often follow the rhythm to.

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