Alumni/ae Council

The BB&N Alumni/ae Council consists of a geographically, individually, and professionally diverse representative group of alumni/ae leaders committed to increasing alumni/ae engagement and participation, strengthening the alumni/ae network, and supporting the school’s strategic goals and priorities.

Alumni/ae Council 2021-2022 Objectives

Lay the foundations of an inclusive, sustainable, transparent Alumni/ae Council structure that enables BB&N to more equitably and meaningfully serve and connect with its alumni/ae community

Alumni/ae Community Values

  • A global lifelong learning environment that promotes and inspires creativity, curiosity, resilience, and sustained engagement
  • A diverse, inclusive, authentic community that fosters ethical behavior, habits of thought, and decision-making as well as respect for the identities and perspectives of all
  • A culture of high expectations balanced with a strong commitment to support intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being

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Executive Committee
Joelinda Coichy Johnson '07, Chair, Boston
Ariane Schwartz '01, Vice Chair & Alumni/ae Awards Committee Co-Lead, Boston
Kathrene Tiffany Bell '99, Alumni Awards Committee Co-Lead, Boston
Brendan Mernin '83, Alumni Awards Committee Co-Lead, Brooklyn, NY
Alix Wozniak '10, Volunteer Engagement, Governance & Stewardship Committee Lead, Boston
Milyna Phillips '99, Alumni/ae of Color Network Chair and Inclusion Committee Co-Lead, Washington DC
Emily Wang '07, Inclusion Committee Co-Lead, Boston
Betsy Osborn '89 P '34, '34, Inclusion Committee Co-Lead, Boston
Meredith Coburn, Student Support & Mentorship Co-Lead, New York
Salim Khanachet '02, Student Support & Mentorship Co-Lead, Boston
Paco Irby ‘77, Reconciliation Project Representative, Boston
Che Edouard ‘10, Alumni/ae of Color Network Representative, Boston

Council Members

Michael Abrams '05, Los Angeles
Felicia Aikens '09, New York
Eliza Appleton '09, Virginia
Kathrene Tiffany Bell '99, Boston
Maggie Brelis-Farrell '10, Los Angeles
Meredith Coburn '03, New York
Caroline Schaefer Del Col ‘91, Boston
Sam Duboff ‘06, New York
Che Edouard '10, Boston
Nastaran Hakimi ‘07, Boston
Kathryn Kargman Holden '01, Boston
Paco Irby '77, Boston
Joelinda Coichy Johnson '07, Boston
Salim Khanachet '02, Boston
Robert Krentzman '11, New York

Mark Leeds ‘83, New York
Sarah Montgomery Lewis '01, Boston
Brendan Mernin '83, New York
Ed Murphy ‘85, Los Angeles
Betsy Osborn '89 P'34,34, Boston
Milyna Phillips '99, Washington DC
Jeannine Privitera '82, Boston
Laura Saltonstall '92, Boston
Scott Schlager ‘08, Boston
Ariane Schwartz '01, Boston
Jonathan Shapira '98, Boston
Abbie Smitka ‘07, Boston
Emily Wang '07, Boston
Pete White '50, Virginia
Alix Wozniak '10, Boston