Alumni/ae Awards

BB&N has presented alumni/ae awards to distinguished graduates of the school since 1993. Pictured above is 2019 Distinguished Alumna Amy Totenberg '69 with Kathrene Tiffany Bell '99, Head of School Jennifer Price, and Kathryn Kargman Holden '01.

Past Alumni/ae Award Recipients

Alumni/ae Awards Committee

The BB&N Medal

Established in 2020, the BB&N Medal recognizes lifetime achievement and service inspired by the BB&N motto. It is presented to an alumnus/a at the discretion of and as recommended by the Alumni/ae Awards Committee in consultation with the school's administration.


2022 Alumni/ae Awards


BB&N is honored to recognize this year's Young Alumna Award recipient: Laurel Valchuis '02 & BB&N Medal recipient Robert N. Ganz, Jr. B&N '43

Criteria for the BB&N Distinguished Alumna/us Award
Nominees are proposed by members of the BB&N community in recognition of their:

  • Exceptional professional accomplishments in the arts, sciences, law, medicine, industry, government, academia, and service to humanity
  • Outstanding leadership and effectiveness in community involvement at the local, national, or global level for enhancing the quality of human existence and/or the environment
  • Embodiment of the core values of BB&N and its motto - Honor, Scholarship, Kindness
  • The Young Alumnus/a Award is presented to a graduate within the past 20 years


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