Alumni/ae Awards

BB&N has presented alumni/ae awards to distinguished graduates of the school since 1993.


Past Alumni/ae Award Recipients

Alumni/ae Awards Committee






BB&N is honored to recognize Amy Totenberg '69 with the 2019 Distinguished Alumna Award. A federal judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Amy was presented with the award on May 4 in Cambridge.

Criteria for the BB&N Distinguished Alumna/us Award
Nominees are proposed by members of the BB&N community in recognition of their:

  • Exceptional professional accomplishments in the arts, sciences, law, medicine, industry, government, academia, and service to humanity
  • Outstanding leadership and effectiveness in community involvement at the local, national, or global level for enhancing the quality of human existence and/or the environment
  • Embodiment of the core values of BB&N and its motto - Honor, Scholarship, Kindness

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