Mathematics and Computer Science

The mathematics curriculum instills habits of mathematical thinking that will prepare students for further inquiry in math and computer science, and for using quantitative reasoning. The department helps students recognize the relationships represented by the language of mathematics and learn essential problem-solving skills such as conjecturing, sense-making, and analyzing strategies and solutions.

Through appropriately challenging experiences, students have the opportunity to puzzle over relationships and to develop the habit of questioning. Discovery is recognized as a valuable tool in the learning of math; this discovery takes place in teacher-led classes, individual explorations, and in learning groups that offer a natural context for practicing mathematical communication. At all levels, technology is used to relieve the constraints of tedious computation and to help students conjecture about the mathematics they are studying. Graphing calculators and personal computers enable students to solve problems utilizing rapidly evolving modern methods. Students are taught to approach mathematics from multiple perspectives, including numerical, graphical, and symbolic.

Taking direction from the NCTM Standards and the College Entrance Examination Board, the Math Department strives to engage all students with the challenge, excitement, and relevance of math.

Computer Science
The department offers several computer science/computer programming course offerings for students in grades 10-12. These courses include Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, and Advanced Topics in Computer Science. See below for further information on each of these courses.

BB&N Math Team
BB&N is one of the few Boston-area independent schools with a competitive math team. The BB&N team participates in the Greater Boston Math League, the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and the WPI Invitational. In addition to these off-campus team events, all BB&N students are able to participate in the monthly New England Math League and the annual AMC10/12 competitions.

In addition, BB&N hosts an annual Integration Bee for its advanced Calculus students. The event provides an opportunity for math to become a bit of a spectator sport for a few hours and is enjoyed by the participants and audience members alike.

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*Enrollment in Statistics, AP Statistics, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science A, and Advanced Topics in Computer Science can be limited. A lottery may be used if a course is over-enrolled.