In the Middle School, students and faculty use a variety of software, sites, and technology resources that support their curriculum. Upon entering Middle School each student is expected to own an Apple laptop. More information about this laptop requirement is on our "one-to-one" computing site. Students can be found during study hall in the new Learning Commons typing a homework assignment, conducting research online, or creating a multimedia presentation. Using laptops in class, students access the internet, edit essays collaboratively, and use spreadsheets for data analysis. Probes and probe-ware are used in science and graphing calculators are used in mathematics.
Classroom instruction is enhanced through the use of projection technology, and class websites serve as information and communication hubs for each class. Seventh grade English Lab is web-based, the yearbook is partially produced digitally, and there is a screen writing/film-editing club.

Please visit the Middle School Web Pages to read more about the use of technology at BB&N.