The library program at BB&N encourages student curiosity, promotes the art of skillful research, and supports the transformation of accessed information into knowledge. Each of the four libraries offers age-appropriate resources in print and digital format with an emphasis on the diversity of thought and perspective. The library staff collaborates with faculty from other departments to challenge students to be 21st century learners and critical thinkers.

The renovated Middle School Library provides resources for the students’ courses as well as books for recreational reading. When visiting the library with their classes, 7th and 8th grade students are instructed in library organization as well as the use of the digital library.  They are taught to access and evaluate information using print and online resources. Our print collection has been built with care over many years with the goals of providing complete support for the curriculum as well as offering books for pleasure reading. Our electronic resources are growing as we continually search and evaluate new appropriate websites, electronic databases, as well as ebooks and audiobooks for student use. During study halls and free time, students can continue their research with the librarian’s help as well as take advantage of the large physical collection of books in the LLC.

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