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In the wake of this week’s events in Florida, many of us are hugging our kids a bit closer, a reaction we find ourselves having more and more often as these violent events become more commonplace. Though your child may not be aware of this week’s shooting, or may not be expressing an awareness to you yet, you may be wondering, “What do I say again if my kid brings this up? How do I explain this kind of violence to my 4-, 8-, or 12- year-old? How on earth do I reassure them?”

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Sophia's Blog: Tech Talk

Communication is complicated. It always has been and probably always will be, perhaps because it requires skills that change as rapidly as a person's own development. Throw in technology to the mix? Things get easier in some ways (so many digital opportunities to communicate!) and arguably harder in many (so many digital opportunities for communication to go awry!).

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