BB&N Transportation Program

The BB&N transportation program is not only a convenient way for you to get your children to school, it also furthers our goal of creating environmentally sustainable programs by lowering carbon emissions and reducing traffic and parking on campus. While we know that there is a cost to BB&N’s transportation, we also know that it is expensive to transport children to and from school. According to AAA1, the average cost to drive a mile, taking into account today’s gas prices, is $0.7090. This means if you drive your child 7½ miles to and from BB&N, you spend around $3,615 in auto-related costs per year—and this does not even include the value of your time or the frustration of dealing with Cambridge-area traffic.

BB&N offers round trip and one way transportation for students to various locations throughout greater Boston. The morning bus schedule is structured so that Lower and Middle School students arrive shortly before the school day and Upper School students arrive with time to have a light breakfast and meet up with their friends or complete homework in the Commons. The afternoon buses depart about 45 minutes after the school day ends at the Lower School. Upon dismissal, Lower School students go to Aftercare for unstructured play and activities before boarding the bus. Middle School students board the bus upon completion of athletic and health and wellness programming. Upper School boards at the end of the academic day.

The afternoon bus schedule does not accommodate Upper School students who participate in athletics and many after school extra curricular activities. BB&N is currently considering adding a late bus to certain central locations given the new scheduling flexibility with the anticipated new Grove Street Athletic Complex. More information on this change will be forthcoming in September.

Bus transportation is available starting on the first day of school on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 through Friday, June 2, 2023.

Please note the bus routes, stops (which are listed at the end of this page) and times may change from year to year based on ridership enrollment. However, the general areas serviced and basic schedule of stops tends to be similar year to year. It is possible that a stop or route could be canceled if there is inadequate interest in that stop or route. Routes for 2022-23 will not be finalized until Summer 2022.

Please click here to view bus timetables from the 2021-2022 school year.

Bus Fees

One of our initiatives again this year is to maintain or increase transportation ridership. Because our transportation program is meant to be a break-even program, when meeting certain ridership enrollment goals we will discount fees accordingly. The discount will be applied where ridership enrollments are received and confirmed by August 15, 2022.

Round-trip transportation rates for the 2022-2023 school year will be $3,500 and one-way will be $2,600 per student, however rates will be discounted as outlined in the below table to the extent that certain enrollment targets are met:  


Full Rate

Ridership Enrollment (based on # of seats on the bus)

Discounted Rate if Enrollment Goal Met

Charlestown/Downtown Lower & Middle School AM, Downtown, Needham, Wellesley, Forest Hills/South Shore

$3500/round trip $2600/one way


$3000/round trip $2350/one way

Concord, North Shore, Charlestown/ Downtown B-5 PM

$3500/round trip $2600/one way


$3000/round trip $2350/one way

All routes (aggregate)

$3500/round trip $2600/one way


$3000/round trip $2350/one way

A deposit of $150 will be billed immediately upon registration. Billing for the full balance will appear on your FACTS student billing account in late August. Rates for families receiving financial assistance will automatically be credited at the percentage their tuition is discounted with certain minimums. If your family requires additional assistance please contact the Financial Aid Office. If payment up front poses a hardship, please contact the Bursar, Lynda Boyages, at to make arrangements.

Families who register for bus transportation after August 15, 2022 will pay full rate bus fees. Families who register on or after August 30, 2022 will have to wait one full week before their child is able to ride the bus. This is to ensure that all paperwork is in place for the student(s) riding the bus.

  • This year we will be offering a Daily Bus Pass option again. Sign up information for this program will be released in August and will depend on the availability of seats on each bus route. There will be a one-time administrative fee of $150 as well as a one-way fee of $25 associated with this program.

Please click here to register for the bus program


BB&N also encourages students to utilize public transportation. MBTA passes for students in grades 7-12 will become available in late August. Passes are free of charge for Boston residents funded through a program with Boston Public Schools. A sign-up form will be sent out to all BB&N City of Boston residents.

MBTA Passes are also offered at a reduced rate for students residing in other cities and towns.  A communication about how to receive these reduced rate student passes will be sent out in late August. For questions please reach out to Kerri Anne Shea ( at the Upper School or Anne Coughlin ( at the Middle School.


Most students arriving to school via public transportation arrive in Cambridge at the Harvard Square T Stop. The school provides shuttle service and students may also use the MBTA bus to get to the Middle School and Upper School Campuses.

There are two shuttles available for Upper and Middle School students. The Harvard Square Shuttle departs every 20 minutes from in front of the IHop on Mt Auburn St in Harvard Square and arrives at the Middle School then the Upper School a few minutes later. There is another shuttle that connects the Upper School with the student parking lot just on the other side of the Charles River over the Eliot Bridge called Lot 4. Both shuttles are available during the morning when school begins and in the afternoon and evening after school and athletics.

Bus Routes and Stops

Charlestown AM (Lower and Middle School students only)

  • 99 Restaurant Lot, Charlestown
  • Charles & Mt. Vernon, Beacon Hill
  • Beacon & Clarendon *
  • Beacon & Exeter *
  • Beacon & Gloucester *

Early Charlestown PM (For students in Grades B-5 as departure is directly at the end of the Lower School academic day and does not accommodate the Grade 6 athletic schedule)

  • 99 Restaurant Lot, Charlestown
  • Charles & Mt. Vernon, Beacon Hill

Needham AM & PM

  • Newman Elementary School, 1155 Central Ave, Needham
  • Hartman/Clifton, Newton
  • Sharpe Road at Wheeler Rd, Newton
  • Newton Commonwealth & Chestnut Ter

Downtown Boston AM & PM

  • Columbus Ave at Barbershop Deluxe (288 Columbus Ave.)*
  • PF Chang's - Stuart St. Boston*
  • Hampshire House*
  • Beacon & Clarendon St. Intersection (180 Beacon St.)*
  • Beacon & Exeter St. Intersection*
  • ​​​​​​​Beacon & Gloucester St. Intersection (400 Beacon St)*

Forest Hills/South Shore AM & PM

  • St. Agatha's Church 440 Adams St Milton
  • Forest Hills T-Stop*
  • 99 Harvard Street, Brookline Walgreens
  • Harvard at Beals St., Brookline

North Shore AM & PM

  • Lynn Market Plaza, State St, Lynn
  • 960 Broadway St Revere, MA
  • 328 Broadway, Everett
  • ​​​​​​​99 Restaurant Lot, Charlestown

Concord AM Only

  • Concord - Main Library (Parking Lot)
  • Lexington - Mabee Pool Parking Lot - Worthen Road
  • Winchester - McCall MS, (Mystic Pkwy and Waterfield Rd)
  • Medford - On Arlington St., across from United Gas
  • Belmont - Alexander & Cross St
  • Belmont Library

Wellesley AM & PM

  • Wellesley Library (Driveway)
  • Wellesley East - 342 Washington St.(in front of B of A)
  • Weston - Oak St/South Ave
  • Newton - Chestnut St. Comm Ave.

* This stop does not accommodate parking for parents.

Please click here to review Transportation Policies.

Transportation Department Contact Information

Transportation Coordinator
Hannah Emmert
(617) 800-2739

Transportation Director
Kathleen Murphy
(617) 800-2715

1AAA.reports that it costs $61.88 to drive a mile, assuming a gas cost per mile of $11.62 ($2.68/gallon).  When adjusting this to current gas prices of $4.67 the average cost of gas per mile is $20.64 (based on gas cost of $4.76) the cost to drive a mile is $70.90.