Global Education

BB&N’s Global Education Program is rooted in the curriculum at every grade level. It seeks to foster globally competent citizens who have in-depth knowledge of the world, its people, and its challenges, and are empowered to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. For more information, please check the Global Education website.

Global Partnerships

These provide the BB&N community with resources, professional development opportunities, and student programs:


  • Through an intentionally designed curriculum guided by our Global Competency Framework, students investigate, collaborate, and act in ways that transcend the school’s boundaries. In the classroom, BB&N students develop the tools and knowledge to be actively engaged in affairs both local and global, recognizing the impact local decisions have on the world at large and how global processes affect local communities.
  • Classroom programs are also offered in collaboration with our global partners

Student Opportunities

  • Language Exchange Programs promote cross-cultural dialogue in immersion (e.g. France, Spain, Russia, China)
  • Virtual Exchanges & Global Collaborations and Dialogues with Partner Schools engage LS, MS, & US students with peers across the globe to examine pressing global issues and learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives
  • Experiential learning travels encourage students to apply their learning to real situations (e.g. science, classics, community engagement)
  • Student conferences, summits, meetups, and trainings are offered in partnership with our global organizations and networks