Community Outreach & Engagement

Partnering with internal stakeholders, as well as our local and global community is at the heart of BB&N’s mission of principled engagement. The school aims to break down barriers between public and private initiatives by collaborating with educators and organizations across the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

Boston & Your Classroom

  • MFA: free admission, educational resources, all-school art show etc. (paused for 2021)
    Urban Connections Grant: connecting the city to your classroom
  • Support project-based learning by linking students to community organizations (e.g. MS students at Somerville radio studio)
  • Collaborate with local educators (e.g. HGSE, BU)

DEIG & the BB&N Community

    • We work closely with Family Affinity Group Leaders to welcome and support all families
        • Parents of Black Students
        • Association for Asian and Asian American Parents
        • South Asian Parents Alliance
        • Latin American and Hispanic Families Affiliation
        • Parents for Racial Equity
        • Multicultural Parents Alliance
        • Community Gender and Sexuality Alliance 
  • We provide supportive spaces for discussion around DEIG-related issues, by affinity, and for the whole school.
  • We host cultural celebrations on each campus and for the whole school (e.g. One School One World)

Principled Engagement

  • Service Learning on each campus, with a focus on civic engagement
  • Student opportunities with BB&N local partners (e.g. NNSP)
  • Community Partners across Greater Boston Area (e.g. Cambridge Community Center, Heading Home, Y2Y)
  • Alumni/ae Programs and Alumni/ae of Color Network partnership to foster connections between current and past students (e.g. Senior Spring Project internships; alumni/ae mentors & speakers), and develop anti-racist programming