Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Global Education

Mission & Vision

The Office for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Global Education (DEIG) is primarily tasked with supporting the school in achieving the strategic design goal of “ensuring that the student body, faculty, and staff of BB&N accurately reflects our diverse communities and that all members of our school feel safe and supported to bring their authentic selves to school each and every day.”


  • We are committed to building meaningful relationships with inquiry, intention, and compassion. 
  • We are committed to transparency and accountability that support lasting systemic change.
  • We are committed to anti-racist, anti-bias, culturally responsive pedagogy and practices that provide equitable learning opportunities for all members of our community.
  • We are committed to fostering a practice of critical self reflection that invites individual and communal examination of our position, power, and privilege.  
  • We are committed to the pursuit of liberation, active solidarity, and civic engagement, rooted in the belief that every person deserves to show up as their whole, authentic selves.
Questions, comments, thoughts, or feedback ? Email us at deig@bbns.org.
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