BB&N & Cambridge

BB&N has the good fortune to be in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we delight in taking advantage of our enviable location. With three campuses within a mile of Harvard Square, we are able to tap the wealth of educational and cultural resources throughout the Greater Boston area. Among other local attractions,

BB&N holds a 25-year partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts, which offers the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to benefit from the museum's programs.

Cambridge enjoys an international reputation as a thriving intellectual center. Home to Harvard and MIT, it’s a diverse, cosmopolitan city that’s synonymous with academic energy and the life of the mind. And Boston is one of the globe’s premier cities, home to world-class cultural resources and educational institutions. These cities have an osmotic effect on BB&N, contributing a distinctive educational vibrancy.

At BB&N, we embrace Cambridge and Boston as vital parts of our extended “classroom.” Our students “adopt” trees in Longfellow Park and do ecology experiments in the Charles River. They use libraries at Harvard, visit science laboratories at MIT and Boston University, and create art projects at the Museum of Fine Arts. And they enjoy the many informal opportunities they have during their years at BB&N to simply walk into Harvard Square and soak up the ambience there. Many of the opportunities for students to engage with Cambridge and Boston also come through the Urban Connections Grant Program.