Why Support BB&N

“Thank you for providing the financial support that gave our son the opportunity to develop into the young man he has become, with a strong mind, fit body and a zest for life and learning that will sustain him in his future endeavors. BB&N ─ with its commitment to students, and benefactors to make changes a reality ─ has given us a gift that we will cherish for a lifetime."
Parent, Class of 2013

The motivations for supporting BB&N are as many and as varied as BB&N donors themselves:

  • A BB&N teacher has had a lasting impact on your or your child’s life, and you want to ensure that all students can benefit from such remarkable faculty.
  • You appreciate the extracurricular opportunities that BB&N offers – in athletics, arts, community service, Cambridge, and Boston -- and want to strengthen those experiences for others.
  • You believe a BB&N education and lifelong friendships forged at the school should be accessible to qualified students whose financial resources make attendance beyond their reach.

“My time at BB&N has allowed me to see life in a different way, and it taught me many valuable skills ranging from time management to perseverance.”