BB&N's Second Annual Day of Giving

Everyone at BB&N has their own unique story of how BB&N has shaped and continues to shape their lives. These journeys are made possible because of generous donors like YOU!

Monday, November 20 marked BB&N's second annual
Day of Giving, a 24-hour event when the entire community came together to celebrate the philanthropic generosity of BB&N donors -- past, present, and future. It was a day to show BB&N pride and recognize those who have made BB&N what it is today. We greatly appreciate everyone who shared their words of gratitude and BB&N pride. Without the service and support of our BB&N community, BB&N would not be what it is today - for that, we thank you.

Stay tuned for our final numbers! Coming soon...

Did you know?!
Each year 13% of BB&N's annual budget
comes from the generous support of the
BB&N community.
Can you imagine BB&N being 13% less?

Celebrate YOUR journey!

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Share your BB&N story on why you are grateful for the BB&N community
by using our hashtag #100Knights.