The Power of Philanthropy

"This School has given me the opportunity to spend a week doing service in Costa Rica, participate in a national spelling bee, and the opportunity to teach myself the bass guitar. Without this School, I would not have achieved many of the accomplishments that I pride myself on, and I would not wake up every morning knowing that the people in my life deeply care about me and my success."


Student, Class of 2021

The BB&N Fund
Gifts to the BB&N Fund support every aspect of the School's operating budget, including academic programs, financial aid, faculty compensation and professional development, athletics, performing and visual arts, as well as maintenance of the physical plant – everything that makes a BB&N education so special. The BB&N Fund accounts for 6% of our annual budget.

Philanthropy at BB&N is sustained by the participation of the community in The BB&N Fund.

Financial Aid
24% of BB&N's student body receive a form of financial aid. Students learn from one another as much as they do from faculty and staff. It is in BB&N's best interest to extend its reach as widely as possible. Financial aid allows us to create a community of learners from many different backgrounds who will cultivate each other's strengths, test assumptions, and open minds. 
Philanthropy at BB&N enables us to make a BB&N education accessible and affordable for a wide range of talented and capable students.
Faculty Support
BB&N faculty and staff are leaders in their fields who strive for continued mastery of their disciplines and remain current with best practices in teaching. Providing opportunities for professional development and lifelong learning to them is critical to our success.
Philanthropy at BB&N provides resources to help our faculty grow as educators and scholars.

Global Competency
We live in a global society made up of many perspectives and cultures. BB&N students must learn how to navigate its complexities, develop critical thinking and collaboration skills, and act in ways that transcend their local spheres. A global education inspires students to become active forces in this interconnected world, cultivating relationships, solving problems, and using their talents for the betterment of humanity.

Philanthropy at BB&N sends students outside the classroom and into the world through field trips, conferences, semester abroad programs, and more, providing first-hand experience of what it means to be a global citizen.