Areas to Support

Designate Your Gift
The impact of a BB&N education is rooted in the strength of its programs and teaching, the combined efforts of many individuals, and a rich history of traditions and experiential learning – all of which are made possible by the generosity of donors like you. Below are descriptions of some areas that The BB&N Fund supports.
If you wish to designate your donation, please indicate so when you make your gift

Area of Greatest Need

These gifts support BB&N's daily operations as well as offering us the freedom and flexibility to respond quickly to pressing needs and promising initiatives.


At BB&N education is a robust and rigorous journey, preparing students to be innovative leaders, creative citizens, and thoughtful stewards of their world and society.

Financial Aid

Drawn from 70 communities around greater Boston, our students represent a broad range of perspectives and family resources. 24% of BB&N students receive financial aid in some form.


Fostering creative problem solving, building confidence, deepening our understanding of what it means to be human – these make the arts an essential element of a BB&N education.


Faculty Support

BB&N teachers are our "secret sauce." Investing in professional development to keep them at the forefront of knowledge in their disciplines and current with best practices in teaching is critical.


The exhilaration of competing, the discipline needed for a healthy life, the satisfaction of being part of something bigger than yourself – BB&N athletics offer something for everyone.