Faculty Legends Fund

From its earliest years as the Buckingham School and Browne & Nichols, and continuing with the merger of the schools in 1974, BB&N's dedicated and talented faculty have ignited students' interests and passions, encouraged risk taking and creativity, influenced academic and career paths, and transformed lives.

To celebrate BB&N's "secret sauce" – the generations of teachers, coaches, and staff who have made an impact on students both inside and outside the classroom – we have established the BB&N Faculty Legends Endowment Fund.

The income from this fund will provide financial resources in perpetuity for faculty and staff compensation and professional development, as well as financial aid for faculty and staff children, supporting the many ways that faculty and staff shape our community and the experiences of our students.

We welcome gifts to this fund in any amount, which may be made in honor of any current or former faculty or staff member(s). Please select Faculty Legends Fund from the designation menu on our online giving site and provide the name(s) of anyone you want to recognize.

We invite you to share a tribute to any member of the faculty or staff who has made a difference in the experience you and your family have had at BB&N!Faculty Legends Tribute Form

BB&N Faculty Emeriti/ae
Teachers, administrators, or staff who have served BB&N for 25 years or more and, in certain cases, those with fewer years of service who have made an especially significant contribution to the school.

Frances Ackerly*
Betsy Allen
Maureen Baker
Beverly Balise
Lison Baselis-Bitoun
Roberta Biery*
Tish Biggar
Caroline Bloomfield
Byron Bowman*
John Brisbois*
Larry Cabot*
Hank Carlson*
Michaela Casey
David Clarke
Roger Coleman*
Al Coons+
Mary Alice Brennan Crosby
John Curtis, Jr.
Armen Dedekian
F. Edmund Denny*
Jack Denny-Brown
George Deptula*
Kathleen DeVore
Parrish Dobson
Carter Donovan
Kathy Dorkin
Sandy Dow+
Elaine Dunn
Bob Edbrooke*
Eldrine Emerson
Richard Emmett, Jr.*
Jack Etter*
Luisa Field
Mary Beth Fletcher
Rick Foresteire '86
Ann Freeman
William Fregosi

Dick Gill
Joe Gill
John Graham
Ruth Griffin*
Peter Gunness
Sharon Hamilton
Margaret Hardy '61
Mary Harrison
Linda Hilliard
Lissa Hodder
Connie Holden*
Beth Jacobson
Lynne Jones
Yelva Joseph
Linda Kaufman
Eleanor Kingsbury
Sonia Landes*
Andrew Leighton
Rob Leith+
Aida Levi*
Maria Lindberg
Mark Lindberg+
Lenore Lipworth
Libby Maclaren
Deb Maher
Candida Monteith+
Nancy Morse*
Jane Moulding
Marianne Nelson
Mary Newmann*
John Norton
Bob O'Brien
Gene Pool
Bob Porter*
Peggy Porter*
Barbara Post
Sam Powers*

Paul Quain
Nina Revis-Barresi+
Warren Richards
Bill Rogers+
Al Rossiter
Harriet Sands*
Manny Sargent*
Mary Sheehan*
Debbie Slade
Pamela Smith*
I'man Solomon+
Roger Stacey
Craig Stonestreet '49
Wilma Stonestreet
Elizabeth Stowe*
Carol Strasburger
Alan Sturgis*
Beth Thiemann
Brigitte Tournier
Peter Tower
Ethel Twichell*
Rebecca Upham
Peter Varkonyi
Connemara Wadsworth
Minnie Walcott
John "Doc" Walters*
Tom Ware
Jo Warner*
Maxine Wasserman
Amy Weden*
Patsy Whitlock
Sandy Wieland*
Howard Worona
Barbara Zecher

+retired in 2019