Website FAQs & Quick Tips

We hope the information below helps answer any questions about BB&N's website. However, if you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us at


How do I log in and what is my log in username and password?

To log into the BB&N parent page, go to and click the "log in here" link in the BB&N Parents box. Your username and password are the same username and password parents have previously been using to access their Senior Systems account. Once you log in to the BB&N website, you are able to change/update your login information if you choose. Keep in mind this is the only login information you will now need to access all your information. If you do not have a Senior Systems account, please contact our technology department at

What if I forget my login information?

Forgot your BB&N username or password? Follow these instructions:

1. Go to the SeniorSystem password page and click the "I forgot my User Name/Password" link on the bottom.

2. Next, enter either your username OR your email address on file and click "Get User Name/Password." (BB&N usernames are the first three letters of first name plus last name.)

3. You will receive an email from with the link to reset your password. Click the link to access the screen to reset your password.

4. After setting up your password, log in to the BB&N parents page to access online grades, forms, billing, directory, conferences, and LS websites.

If you have any issues, please email or call 617-800-2711.

Where can I find the school calendar, as well as other calendars like Athletics and Arts?

The calendar section on the homepage shows the next event for All School, Upper School, Middle School, and Lower School calendars. To view more events, click the “view all events” link at the bottom of that section (#1). Additionally, you can also access the various calendars by hovering over the News & Events heading at the top of the page and selecting a calendar (#2).

See more calendar tips below.

Where can a parent find information such as grades/reports, online forms, and billing statements?

Information for current parents, such as attendance phone numbers, announcements, grades/reports, online payment/billing statements, and Parents’ Association information, can be found by clicking the yellow PARENTS link at the top right on the homepage. This will bring you to the Parents Page, a virtual hub of important information for current parents. The majority of this information is public, however, you will be required to log in to view any account information.

Step-by-step instructions on how to get to billing (same process for grades/reports, school forms, and online directory):

How do I add Athletics alerts?

How do I manage/remove Athletics alerts?

Please note: if you copied an iCal URL into your personal calendar, you will also need to delete that in order to fully discontinue alerts from a specific team.

How do I sign up for news alerts?

Click here for instructions on how to sign up for news alerts.

How do I sign up for calendar alerts?

Can I get text alerts, or only email alerts?

You can subscribe for either, or both! In order to subscribe to TEXT alerts, you must add a text enabled phone number. Once logged on, hover over your name on the blue bar at the top left of your screen, then click “Subscriptions.” Click the button for “Add Text Enabled Phone.” Once a phone number has been entered, you will then have the option of selecting that phone number when you click the blue “Alerts” icon in Calendar or Athletic Calendar.

Where can I find a list of Parents’ Association reps, PA policies, or information about how to plan a Parents’ Association event?

A link to the Parents Association webpage is found in the box titled “Parents Association” in the center column of the Parents Page (#1). On the Parents’ Association page you will find all information pertaining to the PA (#1a). We have also listed helpful PA Resources in a folder in the Parent Resources box on the Parents Page for easy access to frequently used links and forms (#2).

Where can I find the online Community Directory?

A link to the online Community Directory is found on the Parents Page, but you must be logged in to view this information. The online Community Directory contains all the same information as our print directory, however, additional features include the ability to search for other parents in your child’s class, or families living in your town, the ability to save email addresses you use frequently in contact lists, and much more.

Where can I find news stories?

You can find the five most recent news stories on the homepage, as well as on the “Latest News from BB&N” page, under the News & Events tab.

Who has access to the BB&N Parents’ Page?

Much of the information on the Parents’ page is viewable to all parents without logging in, however, certain pieces of information (ie. announcements, grades/reports, billing info, etc.) are only available once a parent logs in. Each parent has a unique username and password so he/she will only be viewing their own information.

If most of the information is public, why should I log in?

Logging in to the website allows you to view certain pieces of information that are not public, such as announcements pertaining to your child’s grade, community directory, billing information, grades and reports, etc. By logging in, you are also able to customize your website experience. You can save your settings so that what appears when you log in are the news stories, calendar, and athletic events specific to your child’s campus and sports teams.

Can I customize my calendar view so I am only viewing events that are important to me?

You can easily click on one of the calendars in the left navigation menu to view events for just one campus. However, if you wish to customize your calendar further and only have events that are of interest of you appear on your calendar every time you log in, click the Filter icon (blue filter button first from the left). This will allow you to check/uncheck the different categories. (Tip: Be sure “All School” is always checked so you don’t miss out on events that span more than just one campus, such as Homecoming, One School One World, and school holidays/vacations.)

Can I import BB&N calendar events into my own personal calendar?

Yes, you can! Step 1: Click the export icon (middle); Step 2: Click the iCal feed and copy the link that pertains to you; Step 3: Switch to your personal calendar app and select your setting for “subscribe to another calendar;” Step 4: Paste in the link to the BB&N iCal feed.

How do I access the Lower School web pages?

Click here for instructions on how to access the Lower School web pages.