Welcome from PA President

Welcome from PA President

Dear BB&N Parents,

Welcome to the BB&N Parents’ Association (PA) and the 2018-2019 school year. Working within and across our individual campuses, the Parents’ Association aims to promote a strong sense of community and inclusivity among all parents and with the School. Parents play a crucial role in promoting a positive environment for our school and our children.

The BB&N webpages and the PA handbook provide additional information on the PA’s role at BB&N, its structure, and its mission. This section also lists many of the volunteer opportunities available to BB&N parents/ guardians, and serves as a resource to all who wish to make a difference by contributing their time and talents. Our hope is that every BB&N parent/ guardian will find some way to volunteer this year in support of our community. If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities, please reach out to the contact person listed. Each parent’s involvement serves to strengthen our community and to enhance the educational and social experience for our children.

As president and vice president of the BB&N Parents’ Association, we are committed to facilitating clear communications between parents, faculty, staff, and the BB&N administration. One of our most important tasks is keeping you informed about PA and school events and activities. Through our weekly campus e-newsletters and periodic events (such as parent coffees), we communicate both about current happenings at school and other important relevant topics.

The PA works closely with our many parent affinity groups: the MPA (Multicultural Parent Alliance), CGSA (Community Gender & Sexuality Alliance), 4As (Association for Asian and Asian-American Parents), SAPA (South Asian Parent Alliance), HFA (Hispanic Families Affiliation), and PRE (Parents for Racial Equity). Together we offer a multitude of opportunities to become engaged with the many diverse groups and committees at work in our community. Whether you have an affinity with these organizations or are looking to celebrate the diversity at BB&N, we encourage you to participate with these amazing groups.

Your support is crucial to the vitality of BB&N and your efforts are greatly appreciated. We look forward to supporting and celebrating the BB&N community with you. 

Micki Rowaan, P’20, P’22
President, BB&N Parents' Association

Becky Velander, P’19, P’21, P’26
Vice President, BB&N Parents' Association


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