Is there a school handbook?

Yes, handbooks for all of BB&N’s campuses are posted online at www.bbns.org/handbook. Updated handbooks for the 2017-2018 year will post online by mid-August.

What is the Community Directory and how can I get one?

The Community Directory is a booklet containing full contact information for each of BB&N’s 1,015 families, as well as 275 employees. It is published every year in early August and one copy is mailed home to each BB&N family.

How do I change my contact information?

You could contact BB&N’s registrar, Serge Mathieu, at 617-800-2716, or smathieu@bbns.org. Or, you can revise the information yourself within the “My Account” tab on the Parents Portal. Newly admitted families will be sent Portal login information in April. (Click here for directions on how to use the Parents Portal.)

Do students at the Middle School need a laptop?

Starting in Fall 2016, 7th graders at BB&N will be required to own a laptop computer, as part of the School's 1-to-1 laptop initiative. See here for more information about the 1-to-1 initiative.

Can students receive waivers from the athletics requirement at the Middle School?

Students with demonstrated ability and a major commitment to training for a sport/ activity that BB&N does not offer (i.e. riding, skiing, swimming, figure skating) may apply for an off-campus Athletic Program Waiver. The Independent School League bylaws state, “Multi-season, single sport: Athletes may not receive credit for participating in a sport (offered) for more than one season in an academic year.” All such proposals, and any additional season requests must be submitted to the Director of Athletics no later than the first day of classes in the fall, by the Monday before the first day of seasonal tryouts in the winter and spring in order to seek approval. A decision will be made within five School days after submission. Click here for the alternative athletic waiver form.

Where do I find athletics schedule information?

The Middle School Athletics webpages have up-to-the-minute schedule information. You can view just the MS Athletic calendar, or the entire Athletic calendar (Middle & Upper Schools). You can also visit the specific team pages to view more detailed info about a specific team.

Where do I park when I visit the Middle School?

The Middle School’s location can certainly present parking challenges. Parents visiting during the day should usually be able to find a spot in the live pickup area of the parking lot. Just be sure not to leave your vehicle unattended here during drop-off or pick-up times. For highly attended parent events held at the Middle School, parking privileges are typically extended for on-street parking.

If you have questions or concerns about parking, you can call BB&N’s coordinator of safety and security at 617-800-2799.

How will we receive grades and comments from the School?

Grades and comments are posted online for Middle School students and their families within our Parents Portal. The first reports for MS students are typically posted in mid-November. Newly admitted families will be sent Portal login information in April. (Click here for directions on how to use the Parents Portal.)

How do I find out about upcoming events at the Middle School?

There are several ways to keep apprised of upcoming events. Both the School and the MS Parents’ Association email regularly about a number of topics, including calendar information. Plus, you can always find the latest, most up-to-date calendar info on the School website at www.bbns.org/calendar. BB&N also has a mobile app (search for BB&N in the App Store) which focuses heavily on upcoming events.

Who’s the best person for me to talk to at the School about my son/daughter?

The best starting point is generally your child's advisor.

Click here to view the MS Faculty & Staff Directory.

Who do I call if my son/daughter needs to be absent from school?

Please call 617-800-2306 to inform the Middle School of your child’s absence for the day.

When are school breaks?

School dismisses at 12 noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and school resumes on the following Monday. Winter break next year (2017-2018) begins after the last class on Friday, December 15 and classes resume on Tuesday, January 2. And spring break 2017 begins after the last class on Friday, March 16 and classes resume Monday, April 2. Wednesday, June 6 is the Lower School closing day for the 2017-2018 year.

Can I pay tuition online?

Yes, parents will be assigned portal login information in April, and can access online billing information through our Parent Portal.

How can I get involved?

There are countless ways to get involved at BB&N. Visit Parents' Association Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more.