A variety of School traditions mark the BB&N calendar at the Upper School—some old, some new, some part of the academic fabric of the School, others part of the social fabric. These traditions include:

Homecoming – Football and a host of other sports, pageantry, pep rally spirit.

Senior Skits – The gloves come off as seniors “roast” faculty members, and are themselves “roasted” right back at this playful, artful, and irreverent end-of-year event.

Knighting Ceremony – As a way to welcome freshmen to the community, student council co-presidents perform a “knighting” ceremony. This bonding opportunity involves parading through a welcome tunnel of seniors and then being symbolically “knighted.”

Head of the Charles – Join the festivities at BB&N’s Eliot Bridge boathouse, an enviable venue from which to watch—or compete in—the world’s largest rowing regatta, held each October on the Charles River.

Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon – A schoolwide celebratory feast featuring guest speakers and artists.

Lifer Party – As their final BB&N year draws to a close, seniors who began their BB&N journey at the Morse Building (Beginner-Grade 1) gather at the Lower School campus for a nostalgic return to their BB&N roots

Strawberry Night – The School’s signature reunion event held in early June each year introduces the newly graduated senior class to the alumni ranks.