College Counseling Handbook

Here at BB&N, we aim to minimize the uncertainty that can surround the college selection process—for both students and their parents. Our approach is described in detail in our College Counseling Handbook. See the choices below – you can download a PDF of selected chapters. The information in the handbook is organized in a manner that will take you through all components of the “college admission journey.”
Chapter-by-Chapter Downloads

Office Directory, Calendar, Recommended Testing Plan, What to Expect, Preface

1) Reflections on College Admission
The BB&N college process, student and parent responsibilities, and the college counseling office responsibilities

2) Especially for Parents
Your role in college selection

3) Beginning the Search
Steps to follow, meetings and questionnaires, researching colleges, a well rounded list

4) Testing for College Admission

5) College Visits
Campus tours, the interviews, and information sessions

6) College Admission Criteria
What colleges look for

7) Creating your College Application
The written application, the essay, options and deadlines, early decisions, online applications

8) Senior Fall
Final Lists, Senior Fall Checklist, and Options and Deadlines

9) The Student-Athlete's Application

10) The Musician's Application

11) The Artist's Application

12) Paying for College
About financial aid, applying for aid, completing forms, understanding awards

13) College/University Visit Clusters
Starting points to aid in your search

14) College Visit Journal

15) College Application Timetable

Complete Class of 2020 Handbook (111 pages)

Upper School Calendar