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Registration and Ordering

  • Registration and ordering is entirely online with the use of a credit card. Simply follow the link on the first page of the MS Lunch website to log into an account.
  • Lunch delivery is available when school is in session Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridaythroughout the school year. No lunch delivery is available on Tuesday's Pizza Lunch Day.


  • Regular Deadline: Lunch orders must be placed by noon 2 business days preceding your lunch delivery day.
  • Example: If you would like lunch delivered on Wednesday, your order must be placed by noon on Monday. If you would like lunch delivered on Monday, your order must be placed by noon on Thursday.


  • Registration will be on a rolling basis and will continue each month with a new menu.
  • Once you have registered your child for the lunch program, you can simply log onto your account to order additional lunches at any time.

Schedule & Lunch Issues

  • All lunches will be delivered to BB&N by 11:30am each day. A BB&N employee will distribute lunches directly to the children during their lunch block according to the registration list for that day.
  • IF your student is late for lunch and the lunch person is no longer present, the student's lunch will be placed in the Faculty Lunch Room Refrigerator (if cold) or on the counter (if hot). Late students should see any faculty member to retrieve their lunch in the Faculty Lunch Room for them. If no faculty member is available, the student should report to the front office for assistance. No student should be without a meal on any given day. If there are any errors or misunderstanding with regard to lunch, please remind your student to speak directly to the lunch person on site so that we can help your student.


  • We will do our best to catch any obvious computer errors or holiday ordering errors and process a refund accordingly. If you notice an error on your order please contact Smart Lunches directly. If you need additional assistance you can contact us at
  • If it is before the 2 business day deadline we will try to cancel an order and refund your payment.
  • Please ensure that your order is correct before making payment and finalizing your order.
  • If your child is absent on any given day in which he/she ordered a lunch, that lunch will be disposed of by the end of school that day. No lunches will be preserved beyond the day of delivery.
  • Snow Days: IF we have a snow day, BBN will notify Smart Lunches directly, so no need for parents to reach out to Smart Lunches on a snow day. The timing of the snow notification will determine any refunds that may be available to families. If the school notifies us before 10AM the day before the closure, 100% credit back to the families. If the school notifies us between 10AM the day before and 6AM the morning of the closure, 50% credit back to the families. If the school notifies us after 6AM the day of the closure, 25% credit back to the families 

Important: Responsibilities

  • All participants are required to conform to all school policies and community standards currently in effect.
  • Disregard for these policies and/or standards may result in the student receiving a slip from the lunch coordinator that will be reported to the school administration.
  • Inappropriate conduct during lunch block is an infraction that will result in a slip.
  • Repeated or serious offenses may result in a child’s removal from the program either on a temporary basis or a permanent basis as determined by Program Director.

Non-Discrimination Policy

  • BB&N’s After School Programs and Lunch Delivery Programs do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, nationality, gender, orientation, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs, in its admissions, financial aid, or any policies governing its program.


  • General BB&N policies will be in effect. Please ensure that your family emergency contact information is current and complete for each child.
  • Contact us for immediate assistance at the following number: Janine Cozier in office at 617-800-2494 or cell at 617-939-6084 or via email at

Medical Concerns or Issues

  • Any/all medical issues regarding your child as it relates to food and/or allergies must be brought to the attention of the BB&N Lunch Coordinator via email at prior to placing a lunch order.
  • All concerns and information must be in writing.
  • The MS lunch program follows BB&N School Health and Wellness Policies currently in affect and as stated in the School Handbook.

Trouble Shooting

How to avoid registration problems: Refresh or restart your browser and log back in again on Opening Day to ensure you will see all of the new info. If you do not refresh, you will not be able to access the new link, your computer will only view the old information and the site without the new link

    Trouble Shooting

    Ugh...I'm having technical problems: Please contact Smart Lunches for problems with your account or technical problems.

    Contact Us

    • Contact MS Lunch Staff: For Comments or Questions please Email us at: Please note, email is the best way to communicate with us as we can more readily address your issues and get back to you at any time of the day!For Immediate Assistance please call: Janine Cozier at 617-800-2484. Please note that the best way to reach us is always via email so that we can be sure to respond to you regardless of the time of day!

    ** All emails and calls will be responded to by either Janine Cozier, After School Lead Teacher or Colleen O'Connor, Director of Extended School Year Programs