Lunch Service

Sparks Street Bistro

Order lunch online for your MS student! Yes, you can still pack your child's lunch, but now you can also take advantage of our lunch delivery program. Buy one lunch a month or several. Buy in any combination on only the days you want and/or need. We are offering an extensive menu with HOT foods, including daily pasta choices, multiple soup choices, and cold options including, salads and salads with chicken! Tons of yummy foods to fill your MS students belly! * Order extra food (sandwiches and snacks) for after school, after sports, or for the ride home!


School Year: 2018-2019

Ordering is now Open!


We partner with "Smart Lunches" to bring you the best and easiest way to order your lunches each day for your MS Student.

Simply click on the Green "Order" button here to see the menus and begin ordering. Lunch deliveries will begin on Monday, September 10th. Log on & create an account to see all the options available from Smart Lunches!

Back to School promotion of 20% off the first month meal plan with the code SAVE20MP2018 !


Nourishing Lunches Kids Love to Eat!

No lunch is healthy if it doesn’t get eaten. That’s why our menu for Buckingham Browne & Nichols Middle School is full of lunches that kids love to eat. We’re sure of it: we’ve taste-tested everything you see pictured below with hundreds of kids, and all of it’s gotten a big thumbs-up. (Of course, we didn’t tell the kids that we make the healthiest version possible of everything. We keep that between us and their parents!)

Cuz it doesn't grow on trees ....

  • A La Carte: $7.95 per lunch
  • Meal Plan: ordering 2-3 lunches per week $6.95 per lunch
  • Meal Plan: ordering 4-5 lunches per week $6.75 per lunch

So heres the skinny....

  • There is only one link you need... select the green "Order" button above to link directly to Smart Lunches to check out the monthly menu, preview prices, and place your order.
  • Now you can see all the lunches you have ordered on your account calendar so that you dont double order by mistake (yippie!). Both parents can share the log in and check out what has been ordered and what needs to be ordered, change, add, delete... easy peasy!
  • See photos of everything on the menu, including ingredients, and nutritional information
  • Set your student's profile to include dietary restrictions or food preferences such as vegetarian or gluten free.
  • Rate your meals.. if your student does not like a meal, you can remove it from your preferences so that over time you will have created a specialized menu just for your student with all of his/her favorites!
  • Order a la carte or on a meal plan, either way, your ordering is fully customizable by YOU!
  • No lunch offered on Tuesdays as that is Pizza Lunch Day!
  • Order Deadline: Lunch orders must be placed by noon 2 business days preceding your lunch delivery day. Example: If you would like lunch delivered on Wednesday, your order must be placed by noon on Monday. If you would like lunch delivered on Monday, your order must be placed by noon on Thursday.