Tae Kwon Do

We are very excited to welcome Amy Maillet back to BB&N. Amy worked in our ASAP program years ago teaching Karate and is now back to lead our Tae Kwon Do program

At C.W. Taekwondo we use the lessons of Taekwondo to help teach your child to set goals, work in a disciplined manner, and strive for success in their endeavors. A hearty Taekwondo education instills equal doses of confidence and humility. It teaches children to treat others with respect, but also to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. At C.W. Taekwondo, by teaching your child to succeed in Taekwondo, we better prepare them for all the challenges they will face in life.

The instructors at C.W. Taekwondo are not only fully qualified black belt instructors, they are also successful, active professionals in technology, education, and many other local industries. At C.W. Taekwondo, we understand how a proper Taekwondo education compliments a successful life, and strive to instill the same attitude and values in our students.

Amy works with children in a way that makes the learning both efficient and fun. Amy is a psychology major and has worked for several years on how to get her students to move, have fun, get their sillys out, and learn Tae Kwon Do! Uniforms and testing fees are included in the price of this class and will be arranged through the instructor after the first class meeting.

*Special Notes:

  • 4:00pm: Each Tae Kwon Do class will end at 4:00pm at which time the children will be brought to the Morse Building to be overseen by the After Care teachers until 4:15 PM pick up time.
  • The second semester (Spring) is dedicated to the students that have taken Taekwondo previously and/or in the first semester (Fall) class with Amy. New students are encouraged to begin in the Fall as the Spring Semester will likely be too advanced for new students.